Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 21: Inspired By A Color

Good morning! Happy Hump Day! Are you all excited that the work week is half way over?

Today's challenge was annoying to me at first until I started reading through the names of polish on my stash list page and there were a few I actually wanted to do. I settled for this one because I hadn't worn it on all of my nails since I got it and I love it!

OPI Mad As A Hatter is one of my favorite multiglitters and pretty hard to find these days for a cheap enough price. Of course I had to do the Hatter's Hat on my accent nail!

What do you think? I think the neon orange makes it a bit too bright and reminds me of a leprechaun but at least you can see it over that dark purple base color. Thanks for reading!
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  1. So fantastic - honestly I love the orange and I really think it captures the essence of the character. Very nicely painted.

  2. Also I am pinning this on my pintest page if that's ok

  3. Thanks everyone! I don't mind at all if you pin this!! Thanks!!

  4. I love it!! The hat is such a cute touch!


  5. So beautiful! I love the accent nail! Mad as a Hatter is on my wishlist.