Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Elevation Polish Comparison Post: 4 Sea Glass Polishes!

Good morning, readers! It's restock day for Elevation Polish fans! I have a comparison post for you today with 4 similar Elevations that I have in my stash!

1 is a Llarowe Exclusive so you will have to go there to grab one, 1 is part of last month's Small Batch Prototypes so you won't be able to grab that one either, but the other 2 are available at the restock!

Malaspina Glacier is the brightest of all 4, a Llarowe exclusive, and has tons of aqua shimmer and navy flakes. This has jumped up to the top 5 Elevations in my collection. 

Cotopaxi was from last month's SBPs and I'm so happy to have it! It has different sized and colored gray glitters. 

Dyhk-Tau is part of the Geo Duo and has some teal and holo shimmer in it. Gorgeous!

Jengish Chokusu is now part of the core line. It is a gorgeous sea glass creme!

All photos below are 2 coats with top coat.

What do you think? I'm glad they are different enough for me to own them all. BUY ALL THE ELEVATIONS! Haha, but really, I hope this is helpful. Thanks for reading! 

Good luck on tonight's restock. 10pm EST at

Other Elevation Links:
Llarowe shop:

*The polishes in this post were from my own stash, and not sent as PR. 

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  1. These are all gorgeous!! One of my all-time favourite colours!! :D

  2. Malaspina Glacier is gorgeous, but I also love the grey glitter in Cotopaxi! Mmmm grey glitter <3

  3. One of my favorite shades! Thanks for the comparison :)

  4. Those shades are all wonderful. And I had a hard time choosing which one I like best. But I guess I will go for the last one. I love that it is vibrant-coloured and it is simple.