Monday, February 6, 2012

Lots of New Nail Mail!

Hello readers! It's a gloomy day outside so it won't be good for taking new nail pics. But, I had some awesome nail mail come in the past week and I wanted to show it all to you!

Here is a group pic of everything on my table:

 Here is my amazing price package I received from Maria at Cult Nails for winning the Nail Art Contest! Thanks again to everyone that voted for me!!

Wicked Fast Speed Dry Top Coat, Get It On Perfecting Base Coat, Hypnotize Me, Let Me Fly, and Iconic!

5 Bundle Monster wheels with gems, shapes, etc! Wow!

Konad Double Sided Stamper and Scraper Set(yes, I've already used it as you can see on the scraper) and a set of MASH Stamping Plates!

Set of Shany Nail Art Brushes and Dotting tools! (Both my brushes and dotting tools were looking pretty sad lately and breaking so this was REALLY exciting for me)

Talk about an epic contest prize, right? Thank you SO much Cult Nails for this awesome box!

I ordered myself Deborah Lippman's Razzle Dazzle from ebay! I can't wait to try this beauty out!  

 My friend Aleta from The Nail Junkie sent me this awesome package! She picked up a extra set of each CND polish sets and I was able to buy them from her. She also threw in these awesome extras!!

I can't wait to try out the red set for a Valentine's Day mani! Thanks, Aleta!

 Last but certainly not least, another friend, Denise, was kind enough to send me a Max Factor Fantasy Fire!! This is a very very close dupe to Clarins 230(which is HTF unless you want to pay over $50 on ebay!). It is in the UK so there was no way I'd get it here in the US without an awesome friend. Look at the sweet extras she threw in!! Thanks Denise!!!!

Well, there you have it readers! I had some awesome nail mail this week! I am trying to decide what to try next! Thanks for reading!
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  1. WOW!! awesome stuff!!! love the CND sets!!! super cute! and congrats on winning again!!

  2. That's an amazing combination of nail mail.

  3. Wow, such an amazing haul! Have fun with that!

  4. There's stuff for hours and hours of creativity and fun! Great haul :)

  5. Yay, lots of new fun stuff!! :)

  6. Glad you liked the package. :) And thanks for the mention.

  7. omg super friggin amazing colors you got!!! totally stealing one of them for my next mani!
    '; )

  8. WOW! can't wait to see these swatches

  9. sweet, nail mail! you should try fantasy fire first.

  10. wow lots of amazing stuff! congratulations on winning them!

  11. Tolle Maniküre-Sachen - sehr inspirierend!

    schöner Blog :)
    schau doch auch mal auf Meinem vorbei.

    und kurze Frage: Wie gefällt dir speziell mein jüngst gepostetes Foto?
    wieczorama Fotoblog

  12. Ohh i'm jelous! Looks like so much goodies!! :-)

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