Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen DOES It All Again: Festiveness!

Good morning, everyone! Have you been enjoying this "throwback" to old Digit-al Dozen themes? Have you entered our awesome giveaway for a $200 gift certificate to the polish etailer of your choice?!

It's day 4 and the theme is Festiveness. I had to go with Christmas festivities as I did back in December when we first visited this theme. Today, I've done a fuzzy Christmas tree! It's completely impractical and would probably only last a day, but I love it!

  • I applied my Duri Rejuvacote and let dry completely.
  • Then, I made a V shape with some painters tape and made sure to smooth down the tape.
  • I did a generous coat of China Glaze Starboard in the open V shape.
  • While still wet, I carefully pulled back the tape to reveal a green triangle.
  • I quickly dumped my green flocking powder over the wet polish and patted down.
  • After a few minutes, I took a gentle brush (a blush brush would work) and wiped off the rest of the nail and over the design to get rid of the excess flocking powder. (you can see my tutorial on flocking powder HERE to see these steps more clearly)
  • I then took some tiny star studs and applied them with some nail glue to the tops of the trees.
  • Finally, I took some small gems and a blob of Seche Vite on the back of each and stuck them randomly over the trees for "ornaments."
If you are wondering, I found this green flocking powder with glitter in a Martha Stewart big pack of colors from Michaels art store. 

What do you think? I just felt like I couldn't do Christmas trees without making them fuzzy! After telling my friend, Ashley is PolishAddicted, she made this funny pic for me! LOL Thanks Ash!

Thanks so much for reading! Come back tomorrow to see the next throwback art theme!

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  1. Love it! I will have to remember this when December rolls around! A LOL at the meme. ;)

  2. OMG LOVE!!! I love it so much. I need to do this when Christmas rolls around. SO cute!

  3. Great! I don't really like 'fuzz' on my nails - but in this design it really works and I would wear this - it would not bee too hard for those of us who are nail art challenged!

  4. I'm loving this so much! I can't wait for Christmas to come, haha.

  5. OMG this is tooooo freakin cuteee!

  6. Squee! Freakin' adorable! I love it!

  7. Beautiful and so original! Love how this came out.

  8. OMG, THAT MEME AT THE END!! You already know how much I like these but you deserve to hear it again: these are so gosh darn fabulous! Totally love that it rides the line between adorable and elegant ♥

  9. Love it, I will recreate this on Christmas, for sure :)

  10. These are amazing! Your little fuzzy trees are so cute! :)

  11. Well thats my christmas day mani sorted already!!!!

  12. Love both the mani and the meme :D !