Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Naild'it Charity Polishes!

Hello readers! I have a trio of beautiful scattered holo polishes from Naild'it to show you! These are three charity polishes for three causes, with 75% of the proceeds going to the corresponding charities. We have Ultimate Service for Disabled Veterans, Give Hope for National Breast Cancer Research Society, and Make Your Wish for the Make A Wish Foundation.

These were so hard to photograph the scattered holo because of the lightbox diffusing the direct light. I tried to get some shots out of the light box for you as well, but I think sunlight will show their true beauty in person. It's rainy all week here so I apologize for not getting any sunlight pics. Good thing they are all gorgeous even out of the direct light!

First up is Ultimate Service. It's a pale scattered holo yellow and applied very easily in 2 coats. I'm showing with top coat but it was shiny on it's own as well. It surprised me how much I actually liked this polish on! I'm not usually a yellow person, but this one is leaning a bit greener than true yellow so that may be why.

In the lightbox, the holo bits just look like shimmer.

Outside of the light box. You can see the holo bits showing best on my index and middle fingers above.

Next up is Give Hope. This is a gorgeous scattered holo medium pink with holographic hexes mixed in. It's so pretty, applied easily in 2 coats, and shown with one coat of top coat to smooth it all out. 

Three different sized holo hexes as well as the scattered holo shimmer.

Out of the light box, trying to show the pretty scattered holo and holo glitters.

Finally, we have Make Your Wish. This is more complicated than the other polishes, a blue with scattered holo shimmer, dark blue hexes, and holographic hexes, moons, stars, and big circles. Very pretty! I applied three coats but two could  be enough depending on how thick your coats are. Shown with top coat to smooth out the bigger glitters.
In the light box, the holo shimmer looks silvery!

Trying out of the light box to show off the scattered holo and holo glitters!

What do you think of these polishes? Which is your favorite? These polishes can be purchased from the Naild'it Etsy Shop for $12 each(don't forget that 75% goes to charity!).

Make sure you follow on Facebook for information on the next shop opening to purchase!

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Thanks for reading!

*Polishes were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.

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  1. These are all gorgeous and for such great causes. Make Your Wish is my favourite, I love the moon and star glitters in there! Great swatches as usual :)

  2. these are beautiful, with a great cause!

  3. Aw what pretty polishes for such a great cause!

  4. Fab idea great polishes for some amazing causes!

    Jazz x