Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Naild'it Holiday Polish Swatches: Part 1

Hello readers! I have the entire Holiday Collection from Naild'it to show you this week! There are 13 polishes, so I'm breaking this down into a few different parts. Today, I'm showing part one. :)

Rockin Around the Tree, Reindeer Poo-f, No Elfing Way, Hey Hey Whattya Sleigh, and Light Show.

First up we have Reindeer Poo-f. It's a pewter shimmery base color with tons of different glitters added in. Cute name, too! I'm showing 3 coats with one coat of top coat. It wasn't difficult to apply, I did move some glitter around a bit when it started sticking off the tip but nothing major. It has a frosty-type look but I don't mind frost finishes when glitter is added in. 

Next up is Rockin Around the Tree. I love love love this green color. Totally gorgeous and the added glitters make it even more special. This is only 2 coats with top coat. No issues to report. Did I say how much I love this color?
The gold bits are almost hidden on the nail, but you can see them more in the photo above.

The gold bits are peeking out a bit toward the shine on the nails.

Up next is No Elfing Way. This is a clear base with different shaped green, red, and purple glitters. I chose to layer one coat over Rockin Around the Tree. Some of the glitters tried to pile on top of eachother so I had to use the brush to move some around but nothing too difficult. I love the color combo in this glitter!

You can see the glitters trying to stack but I was able to move most around.

Light Show is next. It's a pale pink/white base packed with neon glitters as well as black and teeny silver shimmer. The shimmer may be holo but it was so rainy here today I wasn't able to go outside to see. Either way, it's sparkly and I liked this so much more when it was on than I initially did looking at the bottle. This is 3 coats with one coat of top coat. Easy to apply with no issues to report.

Lastly, we have Hey Hey Whattya Sleigh. This is a grayish white base with darker silver glitters mixed in. This was a bit hard to apply because the base is on the thinner side and the glitters were big and a lot would come out on the brush so I was having to manipulate where they went. I am showing 3 coats for full coverage with top coat. Next time, I'll probably layer this over a white or grey base color. 

What do you think of the first 5 of the Naild'it Holiday Collection? I can't wait to show you the rest! From my understanding, the three online retailers that carry Naild'it will have exclusive colors from this collection as well as the other non-exclusive ones. Check out Naild'it's Facebook to see where you can purchase the ones you want!

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Thanks for reading!

*Polishes were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.

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  1. Great swatches! Can't wait to see the rest!

  2. gorgeous... I really like Light Snow!

  3. Unfortunately I'm not a big fan of frostiness, pretty much in any form. Curious to see the rest of the swatches though. (And gotta say, Hey Hey Whattya Sleigh makes me think of those Hershey's Cookies n Cream bars.)

  4. I absolutely LOVE Light Show! So cute!!!

  5. I am liking the white/black/gray one and the pinky white one a lot the most...but this green is such a nice shade of green- one that would work beyond holiday.

  6. Ok, I think No Elfing Way HAS to be my favorite! First of all, I LOVE the holiday glitters. Second, the name is cracking me up! I just love it! Great collection!

  7. I love Light Show - in fact I'm wearing it now! I used two coats, 1 coat of Gelous, and 1 coat of top coat (CND Air Dry) and it feels so gritty, but your picture looks so smooth. Is it the third coat? Or what kind of top coat do you use? I'm so curious!