Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Naild'it Spring Has Sprung Swatch Spam!

Good morning, readers! I hope you are ready for a ton of pictures of 10, yes TEN, of the new Naild'it Spring Has Sprung polishes. I apologize if this is too many to take in at once, but life is crazy around here so I wanted to get them all up instead of making you wait for them even longer.

Before I start, I'll say a bit about all of the polishes together. Besides the 2 glitter toppers, these all needed 2-3 coats depending on how thick your coats are. I've shown them all with one coat of NYC Grand Central Station quick drying top coat. It's a thinner quick dry, and you may prefer a thicker top coat or even a glitter taming top coat for some of the bigger shapes. As always, I love the color and glitter combinations from Andrea!

I'll start with my favorite of the collection, Spring Fling! "White crelly base with spring bursting out, includes pink flowers in a splattering of springy glitter hues." There are also moon and butterfly glitters! 

I love the shimmer in the base!

The other white based polish is called Sir Round Sound. "This is a white crelly with round glitters in fuschia, blue, yellow/goldish, pink, black(big) and silver holo (big) with a splattering of larger and smaller glitters (hexes, squares...)!

This is my second favorite of the collection, it's called Aurora's Grape Escape. "Vivid grape jelly/holographic with a hint of color shifting iridescent glitters and chunky holo purple squares." I just love this polish so much, the color shifting glitters are so pretty!

Look at those gorgeous glitters!

There is a second purple based glitter polish in this collection, although it is very different from Aurora's Grape Escape. This one is called Bad Hare Day. It's a purple shimmery jelly base PACKED with different colored and sized purple glitters. There are so many glitters, that I almost felt like it needed more base to apply easily and less glitter. Very pretty, though. It's also less blue toned than my pictures are showing.

My third favorite is this gorgeous pink, Straw Fairy Blossom. A pink jelly base with gorgeous purple shimmer, pink flower glitters, and tons of other white and pink glitters. It applied nicely and the shimmer just glows!

Look at that glowy shimmer!

Let's move onto the three pastel crelly polishes. First, we have a very springy/Eastery yellow called Sticky Peeps. Super cute name, "Pastel yellow cream with all kinds of pastel glitters peeking through, including stars, hearts, squares, hexes, bars and a hint of holo butterflies." 

Spring On the Rain is a blue crelly filled with pastel stars, teeny bars, shards, and hexes. The base covers up some of the glitters but the blue is a gorgeous color and I loved wearing it.

The final of the pastel crellies is Mountain Fizzle Doo. It's representative of Mountain Dew soda! "This polish represents one of my favorite drinks...Mountain Dew!  My favorite thing about Mt. Dew is the fizz!!!  So here is a pale neon green crelly (leaning more to creme) polish full of fizzle and fun!  Pale green, pastel green, hot pink and purple glitters found throughout" This will need more than one coat of my thin top coat, as you can still see some texture in the pictures.

Now we are left with the two glitter toppers. Orange You Purdy is a "glitter topper with iridescent glitters, neon orange glitters, purple glitters and silver glitters.  There may be a few other colors floating around for added depth. " You are only seeing one coat below over Orly Lemonade.

Look at this crazy mix of glitters!

Our final polish is the other glitter topper, Put A Ring On It! I love the name!! "A gold/silver holographic glitter bomb.  Loaded with tons of shapes, including hearts, stars, moons, butterflies, rounds, shreds and bars, hexes and squares to add depth." This is only one coat over Zoya Reagan. 

Well, there you have it! I hope you weren't overwhelmed and were able to add some of these to your wishlist! Below are the links for Naild'it, including where you can purchase Andrea's polishes. Thanks for reading!

Naild'it Links:


*The polishes in this post were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.

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  1. Fun spring polishes!!I love Spring Fling, it is so fun and pretty and spring like.

  2. I understand why spring fling is your favourite. It's cute and I tend to like those white creamy base ones.

  3. I think Orange You Purdy and Spring Fling are my favs! Gorgeous swatches :)

  4. Gorgeous swatches and thanks so much for the shout out!