Monday, September 30, 2013

Elevation Polish Snowy Gradient Mani!

Good morning, readers! I wanted to share a recent nail look I did using three Elevation Polishes and I love how they looked together! A nail friend said they looked like the first snow of the year and I think she is right!

I started out with two coats of Tavan Bogd. Then, I did a gradient with Malaspina Glacier and Tavan Bogd and topped it with a coat of Dzhangi-Tau. Dzhangi-Tau is part of the Geo Duo and it's almost sold out on the Elevation Polish website! It was out for a couple of months but you won't be able to get it again after these last ones sell out.

I just love the shimmer in Dzhangi-Tau! So gorgeous!

Even the bottles look pretty together!

What do you think? Tavan Bogd and Dzhangi-Tau are available on Malaspina Glacier is a Llarowe Exclusive so you will have to buy it HERE. Thanks for reading!

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lynnderella Mermaid Magic: I'm In Love!!!

Good morning, readers! Today's post is an exciting one! I have a very pretty polish that I had been wanting for a while, a Limited Edition Lynnderella polish-- Mermaid Magic! I am so happy I was able to get this, it's everything I wished it could be and more! You can only win it in auctions on ebay and it goes for a good amount of money. There is one bottle left in the ebay store and it's listed as the LAST bottle, so bid if you want it before its gone!

It's a gorgeous mix of purple and teal glitters in a clear base with gorgeous shimmer. I tried it over a few different colors on a  nail wheel and couldn't pick a favorite so I did a gradient of my top 2 favorites: Elevation Polish El Cap and Owen. I think I could wear this mani over and over again, and I love it for a pedicure as well!

The gradient effect is subtle under the shimmers and glitter in Mermaid Magic, you have to really look back and forth between the tips and the cuticle to notice the different colors. I love how it turned out, though, so sparkly and absolutely a magical mermaid mani!

Isn't it such a pretty polish? I love it and it's definitely a prize in my collection. Thanks for reading!

You can purchase Lynnderella polishes on their ebay store:

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Swatch Saturday: Elevation Polish Arabian Sea and Malaspina Glacier + Comparison!

Good morning, readers! Happy Saturday! It's pouring here, but maybe that's not such a bad thing. I'm sure we will still find something fun to do.

I'm going through old pictures that I haven't posted on yet and I found these 2 "similar" polishes by Elevation Polish. So I'm going to post my swatch photos as well as a few nail wheel comparisons of them side by side at the bottom of this post to show how different they really are.

Arabian Sea was a Small Batch Prototype(SBP) in August and I still can't believe I was able to get one before they were gone! I love it so much, the brightness, the flakes, the color. Showing 2 coats below with top coat.

I adore the different colored flakes!

Malaspina Glacier is a Llarowe Exclusive and you can still buy it HERE! It has flakes and an amazing shimmer! It's not as bright as Arabian Sea but is still a really gorgeous shade. I'm showing 2 coats with top coat below.

That shimmer!!!

Here are some side by side shots to help show the differences between them (I've labeled each swatch)

As you can see, they are similar and yet very different. Which is your favorite? I love them both but cherish my Arabian Sea more because it was hard to get. Also, the color is one of my favorites and I could wear it every day for the rest of my life. ha!

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great weekend!

Elevation Polishes can be purchased at 

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Incoco Fall Nail Appliqués!

Press Sample

Good morning, readers! If you are a fan of real nail polish appliqués, I have a fun post for you! Incoco recently released 8 new designs for their Fall 2013 collection and I have 4 to share with you!

Autumn Night, Twill Weave, Tailored Fit, Light As A Feather.

Let's start with my favorite of the bunch, Twill Weave! It's described on the Incoco site as: "A seemingly textured neutral and maroon herringbone pattern that gives your nails the warm and fuzzies." They applied as easily as the others I've tried and I chose to pair them with an accent nail of Hare Rusty Hearts to play off of the maroon in the strips.

Next, we have Light As A Feather. This is so delicately gorgeous, Incoco describes it as: "Wispy pink and purple feathers lain atop a glittering gold base make this one delicate and elegant shade."  I love that the wispy design comes from the cuticle and it made me feel like a fairy princess wearing these!

Finally, we have the two final appliqués, which I have paired together for a fun mani!
Autumn Night: "Like the sky on a November night, this rich, creamy blue with a touch of teal gives you beautiful, bold nails."
Tailored Fit: "A military inspired houndstooth pattern combining camo and neutral for a perfectly festive fall manicure."

I've paired these together by doing Autumn Night on every nail first. Then, I grabbed the coordinating size strip for 3 of my nails on each hand and left a gap at the cuticle for an easy ruffian design. It reminds me of dark jeans paired with a houndstooth sweater! There was a slight bump of level difference where the second layer was added, so you could always put a coat of thicker top coat over the entire nail to smooth that out if it will bother you. 

What do you think of these new Fall nail strips? I don't have any photographed wear tests for you but you can see my previous wear test post HERE and see how well the Incoco strips lasted on me!

There are tons of different designs to choose from! You can buy them online at the link below for $7.99 a set for solid colors and $8.99 a set for the designs. There are 2 sheets of 8 double ended strips in each pack.

Shipping is free on orders of $50 or more to USA and Canadian addresses.They also NOW offer international shipping!

Incoco Links:

Tell me your thoughts on these! Have you tried Incoco strips before? Thanks so much for reading!

*These were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Maya Cosmetics Fall Polishes + SALE!

Press Release

Good morning, readers! I'm interrupting our normal schedule of nail art to bring you some swatches (and a skittlette, that counts as a nail art post right?) of three new Maya Cosmetics polishes being released tomorrow! I didn't want to wait any longer to share these so you don't miss out on the SALE!

There are 5 new core colors, 2 One Batch Wonders (there are literally only one batch of each so grab them as soon as they are live or you will miss out), and a quick dry top coat!

I have 3 of the new colors, one being a One Batch Wonder, and the top coat to review for you today.

Let's start out with a skittlette I did using two of the new polishes: Stargazing and Hematite. 

Stargazing is a deep blue jelly with silver micro glitter. Reminiscent of the night sky, this jelly polish is gorgeous! I've done two coats below with 1 coat of the new Maya Cosmetics Topcoat. It applied easily and had great coverage. The glitters suspend well in the jelly base and it has so much depth! I love it! 

Hematite is one of the One Batch Wonders. It is a dark gray metallic(sort of) polish. I'm showing only ONE COAT on my pinky and thumb. It applied easily and covered so well! I even stamped with it over Stargazing on my index and middle fingers! It's a subtle effect over the dark blue but that's my color combo choice, not anything reflected on it's stamping abilities. I'm showing it with one coat of Maya Cosmetics Topcoat below as well.

The stamped nails also got a coat of the new Maya Cosmetics Topcoat and it didn't smear the stamping at all! Woohoo! When trying a new top coat over nail art for the first time, it's a stressful situation. You don't know yet if it will drag through your design or float on top like this one did. It dries quickly, not as quickly as Seche Vite, but I didn't mess up my mani after applying it and that's saying something for me! 

Stargazing stamped with Hematite macro.

Stargazing macro.

Hematite macro.

The third new polish I have to show you is called Glitter Is The New Black! Such a cute name, and a really pretty polish. It is a black base with black, silver, pink, orange, silver holo, and purple holo micro glitters. I'm showing two coats below and it was a gritty finish so I did two coats of Maya Cosmetics Topcoat. You could probably skip the top coat and wear it as almost a textured polish, actually, but I wanted to get that high shine to see those glitters sparkle! I can't wait to wear this as an accent nail for some halloween mani ideas!

What do you think of these new polishes by Maya Cosmetics? They release tomorrow at 2pm EDT and there is a sale running from September 27-30th for 25% off your entire purchase! The code for the sale is FALLSPECIAL.

The normal prices for the polishes are $9.50 and $4 for the topcoat, so this is a great time to try out or stock up on some new favorites!

Also, she is discontinuing some older polishes and they are on clearance to $6.50 before the sale, and the sale code will apply to them as well!

ONE MORE exciting thing to add, the Smoothing Topcoat is coming back! It is my favorite for smoothing out gritty glitters and I am so happy to see it coming back. It is also normally priced for $4 a bottle. (I recommend applying one coat of Smoothing top coat over top coat hungry glitters and then applying one coat of the quick drying Topcoat).

Don't forget that Hematite is a One Batch Wonder and you won't be able to get it once it sells out so grab it quickly!

Which is your favorite of the new polishes? You can find swatches of the entire collection over at Things I Love At The Moment!

Here are some more posts from fellow bloggers on the new polishes as well:
Set In Lacquer
Pointless Cafe:
Pointless Cafe:
Ashley Is PolishAddicted

Maya Cosmetics Links:

Thanks for reading!

*The polishes in this post were sent for me to review with my honest opinion. 

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Nail Junkie Ladybug + Nail Art!

Press Sample

Good morning, readers! I have the third and final new Animal Collection polish from The Nail Junkie to show you today! If you missed my posts last week, below you can find the links to the other 2:


Ladybug is a bright red jelly polish with bigger black matte dot glitters. It is super opaque for a jelly and I was almost able to wear one coat. I've done two coats, however, because I wanted more of the black dot glitters. I did place a few of the dots where I wanted them but didn't have a hard time getting them on the brush at all. The jelly base is on the thicker side to be able to hold the heavier big dot glitters, but this works to it's advantage and helps with smoothing it out when the nail is dry. I did use one coat of Seche Vite for my photos after I added the nail art and you can see that it's slightly bumpy in shape still, but it was smooth and you couldn't feel glitter sticking up.

I was able to do such simple ladybug nail art over the polish once it was dry, it's perfect for this kind of design! I love that I didn't even have to make my own dots! I just used a short striping brush for the black and the silver antennae. Then, with 2 sizes of dotting tools, I did the eyes with white and black. (ignore the smear through the eye on my middle finger, I didn't let them dry long enough I guess grr).

What do you think of this new polish from The Nail Junkie? Think you could easily replicate this nail art, I think you can! 

You can purchase this polish, and many others at the shop link below for $10. Free domestic shipping, flat rate international shipping, and a free gift with every order! Don't forget to grab my two favorite cuticle products while you are there: Cutie Balm and Cutie Drops! 

Nail Junkie Links:

Thanks so much for reading!

*The polish in this post was sent for me to review with my honest opinion.

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