Thursday, January 12, 2012

Flaky, Fancy Clouds! And A Contest..

Good morning readers! Surprised for a post the day after the last one? Me, too! It was a rainy day around here yesterday and I couldn't help brainstorming about more mani ideas and decided to try something new sooner than expected!

I saw these "fancy clouds" yesterday on Nailside and thought it would be a fun design to try! Here's a tip that I learned the hard way, use one coaters or its very thick and easy to smudge by the end of adding all of the colors. haha. It wasn't too hard, but since I used some OPI polishes with the pro-wide brush, it wasn't super easy to make the "bumps" for the layers.

Since all 3 colors are similar to one another, it ended up being more of a subtle design that still got to showcase the new Finger Paints Special Effect I got recently! Next time, I'll do more contrasting colors, but I knew I wanted to do darker colors so you could appreciate the flakies.

I used:
Base Coat of OPI Base Coat for Natural Nails
2 Coats of OPI Roadhouse Blues
OPI Dating A Royal and
Sinful Colors Black on Black for the cloud layers
1 coat of Finger Paints Motley
Top coat of Poshe.

A close up so you can see the gorgeous purple and teal flakes in the Finger Paints top coat!

What do you think? I love the different color flakies!!

Also, I recently entered the Cult Nails Nail Art Contest on Facebook and wanted to share my entry link with you in case you wanted to vote for me! You just have to "LIKE" my photo in their contest photo album for a vote.

OR you can click on my photo below to go to it! This is the Needle Marble Design I did a while back!

I really hope I win because the prize is a lot of nail art tools as well as some Cult Polishes!! Thank you for any votes you are willing to give! Also, Cult Nails is going to give a prize away to one of the people who voted for the winning entry!! How awesome is that?

Thanks for reading! Hope you all have an amazing day!!

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  1. Gorgeous! Looks like midnight rain or something. I have been meaning to try out this pattern, too

  2. i love these manis! the first one reminds me of the beginnings of a sunrise over mountains. haha :-P and the second is really cool! you should do a tutorial on how you did that! its really awesome.

  3. Both very pretty.. love your clouds... with the flakies it makes me think of a winter snowstorm!

  4. GORGEOUS!!! i <3 how the flakies look on the clouds!
    : D

  5. Very pretty. Love the flakies over the clouds! It reminds me of a storm :-)

  6. Gorgeous!!! I love the flakies over it!

  7. This is lovely :D Reminds me of a rainy day.

  8. Love the clouds!!! I did this using white and light blue on a dark blue to make it look like snow! I love these darker blues because it looks like a night sky and I LOVE the use of the flakies!

  9. That needle marble is so cool. It makes me feel like I'm on acid or something!

  10. Looks AWESOME!!! I'm never believing you when you say something is bad anymore. LOL!!! I love this!!!

  11. I absolutely love your entry :D I entered also, and used the same dry marble/needle marble technique but HANDS DOWN yours is much classier and just LOVELY! :D
    The prize is incredible and you are well deserving of it :D