Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Lie For...Only You

Hello readers! I've been having some computer troubles lately so I may not get posts up that often. I was happy I had it working well enough to write this post for you!

I have a fun polish to show you, today! My friend Cassandra started making her own polishes recently, FEVERlacquer, and I have one of her limited edition polishes for you today! Unfortunately, you can't buy this one anymore as the stock was limited and has since been sold out. I actually shattered my original bottle of this and Cassandra was so sweet and mailed me a surprise replacement bottle so now there really aren't any more bottles available! How awesome is she??

Anyway, on to the polish! This is called I Lie For...Only You and it's a gorgeous blue jelly polish packed with tiny holo shimmers and some black hexagon glitters throughout. This is 3 coats, as it is a jelly, and I wanted to get it fairly opaque. I just love jelly polishes that have glitters, it's like a built in jelly sandwich!

This is purposely out of focus to really show you some of that gorgeous holo shimmer!

The black glitters weren't too difficult to get out, I like to turn my bottles upside down for a few minutes before I paint my nails and that brings a lot of larger glitters down for you to have easy access. This applied amazingly and dried SO fast for a jelly, I was impressed! And hardly any cleanup was needed. Just a lovely polish!

As I said before, you can't get this polish anymore, but she is almost ready to release 2 new polishes that have flakies!! Check out the FEVERlacquer Facebook page here for recent updates on how you can get her new polishes! Tell her I sent you! 

Thanks for reading!
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  1. u darling r such a tease lol i love the polish i'm going to stalk her page now to see what she'll come up with next

  2. What a pretty polish! How kind of her to send you a replacement!