Monday, February 11, 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Love & Heartbreak: Zoya Pixie Dust Stripes

Hello, readers! It's time for this month's Digit-al Dozen nail art week! Are you excited? This month's theme is Love & Heartbreak.

I wasn't feeling very inspired last night for this theme but I did want to try out my new Zoya Pixie Dust polishes so this is what I came up with. Simple, not sure it should qualify as a Digit-al Dozen manicure but it will have to do for today's post. I got the heart gems in a bundle monster accessory wheel.

I am really liking the Pixie Dust polishes! The texture is no where near as rough as I was imagining. Two coats is the perfect texture, but adding 2 coats for the stripe of London wasn't so great. It took a while to dry completely and it didn't get to the same "roughness" as the first 2 coats of Nyx. Obviously shown with no top coat.

My camera was having a hard time focusing on the texture of the nail polish!

I used:
Duri Rejuvacote
2 coats of Zoya Nyx
2 coats of a stripe of Zoya London
Heart stones stuck with a dab of quick dry top coat on the backing

What do you think? I have a really cool idea in mind for a design this week and hope I can try it out and post for tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

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  1. I like the stripe! I'm trying to resist those Zoyas at the moment. :)

  2. This is cute! Don't be so hard on yourself! ♥

  3. So cute, I love doing this stripe design it always looks so effective!

  4. I'm with the girls, I really like the addition of the stripe!! and the hearts look so cute!!

  5. I love these Zoyas, and this is a really pretty mani for VDay for those who don't love pink and red and purple! I love the one red heart too :)

  6. i really love this! that polish is gorgeous and it looks so good with the little hearts. its really pretty and classy :)

  7. These are stunning! Love the combination of the texture and the adorable heart beads, and I *love* the red one as a highlight.

  8. Very cool! I love the color combo!

  9. I wasn't gonna get those Zoyas because I'm not a fan of texture but having seen your pics I could be tempted after all...