Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Geek Day 2: Eureka Nail Art!

Hello, readers! A little late in the evening for today's challenge post, but that's how it goes with little kids in the house! Owen started crawling a few days ago so he is all over the place! No more nail polishing when he is awake, I have to constantly keep an eye on him.

It's day 2 of Geek Week with the Digit-al Dozen! Today's geeky tv show inspiration is Eureka! Another favorite of our Netflix tv shows, I highly recommend watching it! I'm so sad that it ended last year.

For my nail art, I decided to do my interpretation of  "The Artifact." The Artifact is a big deal in this town of genius scientists, here is a little wiki info for you: 

 "The Artifact is a living organism, like a biological computer, and gives off massive amounts of energy that make it dangerous for anyone to approach it. The Artifact exists outside of space-time and is nearly invulnerable to physical damage." 

They barely ever show the actual artifact throughout the series because it is under serious lock down for safety reasons in the Global Dynamics research facility.  I'll show a picture I found online and a few screen shots I did on the computer while watching. Basically, it is a rainbow of shifting colors with sparkle and swirling loops. (In fact, you should just go start watching the series and see it better for yourself!) These pictures are from a scene where they sent a rover-type robot in to take a sample of the artifact.

I chose to wear three coats of Ninja Polish Divinity, an amazing and sparkly multi chrome polish to represent the sparkling color changing artifact. I topped it off with some freehand swirls and loops with Liquidus Pearl.

Look at all of the amazing colors in Ninja Polish Divinity!

What do you think of this interpretation of Eureka's Artifact? And how about the gorgeous Ninja Polish Divinity? 

You can get Divinity at the Ninja Polish website below:

Thanks for reading! Come back tomorrow for another geeky post!

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