Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gloss48 and Poshinality Swatches!

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Good morning! Have you heard of Gloss48Gloss48 offers you a daily dose of the newest, hottest beauty products at promotional prices, so you can experiment without breaking the bank! I have some Poshinality polishes to share with you today from Gloss48. They went live today at 11am EST on the site and at the bottom of this post, I'll have the purchasing info for you! Let's take a look at this new-to-me brand!

Here is some info I gathered from the Poshinality website on this brand:

"POSHINALITY is a marriage of two words:  POLISH + PERSONALITY.

Aiming to introduce a family of nail colour that reflects individuality and style, POSHINALITY is a curated collection of colours inspired by fashion and personality. Each bottle is a reminder that we have the right to feel comfortable in our skin.  So whether you are or feel like a PLAIN JANE, a GIRLY GIRL or TOMBOY, POSHINALITY is the essential style accessory for your wardrobe and look.
We are committed to providing rich colour and treatments that don’t compromise health.  POSHINALITY is 5-free, meaning no harmful toxins like DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde,  Formaldehyde  Resin & Camphor will be found in its formula.  Additionally, POSHINALITY is vegan;  none of its polishes are tested on animals and do not contain animal ingredients."
So now that we have a bit more info on this brand, let's take a look at the 6 shades I was sent from Gloss 48! 
Poshinality Old School
A pink/coral creme.
I'm showing three coats below with no top coat. Old School has an amazing squishy formula, so the three coats were only necessary because there was visible nail line at 2 coats. Very shiny as well!

Poshinality Edgy
A navy blue creme.
I'm showing ONE coat below with no top coat. This had incredible coverage and an easy formula. Perfect for details on nail art because it is so opaque!

Poshinality Outspoken
A bright red creme with orange undertones.
This is another squishy formula like Old School. I'm showing three coats with no top coat, very good formula but VNL at 2 coats so a third was perfect. 

Poshinality Plain Jane
A pale peachy nude creme with silvery white shimmer.
I'm showing three coats below with no top coat. There is a gorgeous shimmer in this, but the polish was so light that even at three coats I'm not happy with the coverage and evenness. It would make a pretty base color for nail art!

Poshinality Girly Girl
A rose pink creme.
I'm showing three coats below with no top coat. This isn't squishy like Old School and Outspoken, so it didn't level itself out. You can see on my index finger in the photos below that it was uneven toward the tip. Pretty color, though!

Poshinality Mysterious
Charcoal scattered holographic.
I'm showing three thin coats below with no top coat. The base is a jelly allowing you the holographic bits to show through, so that's why I needed three coats. I wish I was able to get a sun picture for you, this is a very pretty scattered holo!

What do you think of these Poshinality lacquers at Gloss48? I'm definitely impressed with the formulas and I love the rubbery feel of the caps. It made for easy application. 

These are now available at Gloss48 in duos on sale for $16. They are usually $19 for the duos so it's a good deal! Unfortunaly, most of these are one half of the available duos, and only two of mine go together: Old School and Mysterious. You will have to check out the Gloss48 page to see the other halves to Outspoken, Girly Girl, Plain Jane, and Edgy! Below is a break down of the duos if you are interested:

Outspoken & Bohemian
Edgy & Flirt
Old School & Mysterious
Plain Jane & Bubbly
Inspirational & Dramatic
Mainstream & Loner
Transparent & Pure
Girly Girl & Compassionate
Open Mined & Chic
Young At Heart & Hipster

Thanks so much for reading! Below are the links for Gloss48 and Poshinality! Have a great day!

Gloss48+Poshinality shop page:
Poshinality Facebook:

*The polishes in this post were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.

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  1. I LOVE Plain Jane.... which is weird because normally I am a colour whore. It's so pretty, especially on your fingers. I guess I could put a thicker opaque base coat underneath or something :)

    1. Thank you! I agree, it could definitely be layered over a similar color to get the shimmer payoff without so many layers