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Swatch Saturday: Alter Ego Home For The Holidays 2014 Collection

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Good morning, readers! I have been sparse on the blog this week, but I am back with a new collection from Alter Ego Nail Enamels! The Home For The Holidays 2014 Collection features 5 polishes inspired by family and friends you would see when you are home for the holidays! Let's take a look!

I've copied what Cynthia has to say about each polish below:

Alter Ego Family Friend Forever 
Mother Hen took this person under her wing before either one of them was old enough to remember meeting up! Family Friend Forever knows all the family secrets, but because of her loyalty, she doesn't tell a soul. She's at every gathering, every holiday table and no one in the family thinks there is anything wrong with her being in annual family photos! A true blue with a fabulous shimmer.

I'm showing two coats below with and without She Shines top coat.
This is definitely my favorite of the set, stunning in it's natural matte finish or with top coat to bring out the shimmer!

 (above: no top coat, below: one coat of She Shines top coat)

Alter Ego Big Sister
My only sibling, my Big Sister, came to visit recently, it's a 2+ hour drive. She has never been into enamels as much as I have but she said "I have a vision". I gave her some colors to look over & she shouted "these are it"! Bright, vibrant, colorful-just like she is:) Medum size gold & metallic fuschia hex glitters. Take note Colorants do settle upon standing. A high gloss topcoat can bring out subtleties and variants to the colorant.

I'm showing one coat over Family Friend Forever with She Shines top coat. This is densely packed but easy to spread out and work with!

Alter Ego Bosom Buddy
If you weren't related by birth to this gal she'd be your Bosom Buddy anyway! She's always got your back, always taking your side, will go anywhere with you at the drop of a hat no matter where A rusty red with a gorgeous shimmer.

I'm showing 2 coats with and without She Shines top coat. This is another favorite, I just LOVE how Cynthia does full coverage shimmers. They look gorgeous with and without top coat!

 (above: without top coat, below: with She Shines top coat)

Alter Ego Greatest Gramma
She's always adored you and is the best cook and baker in the world She was as thrilled to receive your fistful of dandelions and construction paper valentines as if you purchased the finest roses and candy filled heart-this makes her the Greatest Gramma ever! The fine rainbow glitter in the base is the sparkle in her eye whenever she sees you Telling yous upfront like I always do that the hearts and flowers are HEAVY, they are going to sink upon standing. For ezier shaking turn the bottle upside down for a few minutes, then shake, that will go a little faster You may have to fish for the hearts and flowers as well, this seems to be the nature for these larger shapes!

I'm showing one coat with some digging and dabbing of the heavier glitter shapes over Bosom Buddy with She Shines top coat. As Cynthia said above, it's easiest if you turn upside down for a few minutes before application to make fishing of glitter easier. The holo shimmer base is a gorgeous addition to your base color.

Alter Ego Mother Hen
Boy or girl, 2 feet, 4 feet or no feet, if Mother Hen takes you under her wing you're there for life! You can count on a hot meal, a place to sleep and while she may take your side she'll also smack you upside the head if the problem was your fault, then figure out a way to help you recitfy the situation! Pink and blue matte super fine glitter, you may get complete coverage with two or 3 coats

I'm showing three coats below with She Shines top coat. There is VNL at 3 coats, so I would probably layer this over a similar base color next time.

There you have them! What do you think of this Alter Ego Home For The Holidays 2014 Collection? Cynthia is constantly delivering gorgeous shimmers (as well as other finishes) and Family Friend Forever is one of my favorites from her! Which are your favorites?
These are available now at her shop below for $8.50 each! Don't forget to use my special free shipping coupon code in the ad at the top left sidebar of this blog!

Thanks so much for reading!

*The polishes in this post were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.

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  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your thorough and detailed review! Your manis & photos are amazing, as always!

  2. The funky topper is totally an eye catcher :) love the holo shimmer as well
    LG Psychopüppi