Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Incoco Real Nail Polish Appliqué Puddle Jumping Review!

Hello, readers! A couple of weeks ago, I showed you this mani I created using 2 of the three sets of Incoco Real Nail Polish Appliqúes I was sent to review. Well, today's post is on the third set!

Puddle Jumping is a blue creme strip with built in base and top coat. There is no shimmer or design on this one but I felt that worked to it's disadvantage. I find that nail strips with designs or shimmer mask any ridges or bumps in the natural nail. As you can see in my photos below, a plain shiny creme colored strip shows my slight nail ridges.

They applied easily, just as the two previously used designs, and took no time at all to put on! I love the ease of nail appliqués and find myself wanting to collect tons of them! I don't have a wear test for you on this set, but I did show that I wore the other Incoco sets for 6 days with barely any tip wear!

Here are step by step instructions, and even a video, on the Incoco website for you if you want to see how to do it: 

They each come with two of these sheets of 8 double ended strips:

 Once you pick the size for your nail. you break it apart from the others like this:

 Peeling off the plastic and then the strip from the backing, you apply the strip directly to your clean bare nail. Stretch and smooth and file off the excess.

So as much as I love Incoco Real Nail Polish Appliques, I will stick to the shimmers or designed ones to hide my nail ridges. Puddle Jumping is a gorgeous blue, though!

They came off with nail polish remover but it was a bit more difficult than regular polish. There was a sticky clear "base coat" layer that needed some extra removal time but nothing like glitter polish. 

There are tons of different designs to choose from! You can buy them online at the link below for $7.99 a set. There are 2 sheets of 8 double ended strips in each pack.

Shipping is free on orders of $50 or more! They are currently only available to USA and Canadian addresses but are working on adding international shipping a possibility. 

Incoco Links:

Tell me your thoughts on these! Have you tried Incoco strips before? Thanks so much for reading!

*These were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.

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  1. i really like nail strips, but the plain ones just seem like a waste of money to me. it is a pretty color, but id rather have a bottle of polish for $5 in that color that i can use more than just once

    1. agreeed! it's really worth it if you get them with an intricate or difficult design on them :)