Friday, June 14, 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Book Week Day 5: Hooray For Fish!

Good morning, readers! It's the final day of Book Week with the Digit-al Dozen and I'm a little sad it's over. What a wonderful week of nail art from all of us!

Today's book is another that most of you won't know but we grabbed it for cheap at Marshall's one day while shopping a few years ago (I definitely recommend looking for books at the discount stores like that and TJ Maxx, Ross, etc.) and Hailey still picks this for bedtime some nights. It's a board book so I can start reading it to Owen as well!

Hooray For Fish is by Lucy Cousins and has cute illustrations of the different fish that Little Fish sees on his way to find his Mom. From Ele-fish in the shape of an elephant with fins to Sky fish who has a cloud pattern on his scales, it is super cute!

I got to try out my newly acquired Dior Lagoon for this mani! It's super gorgeous and I love it!

Here is a google image of the cover for you:

What do you think of this look? Dior Lagoon is just dreamy and I am quite happy with how the cute fish and coral turned out! Thanks so much for reading! 

Here is a fun collage of all 5 book days for you:

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