Saturday, June 15, 2013

Swatch Saturday: Darling Diva Polishes!

Good evening, readers! I have a late post for you since we've been hanging out with family for Father's Day weekend. I have some new "days of the week" themes I plan on starting here on Adventures In Acetone and Swatch Saturday will be one of them! I really want to get Adventures In Acetone back to mainly nail art and not so many swatches so I am going to reserve those for Saturdays for the most part.

Anyway, onto today's swatches! I have three Darling Diva Polishes to share with you! A gorgeous holo with color shifting micro glitters, a circle glitter topper, and a jelly/glitter combo!

Material Girl is from the new Madonna Collection. "It is inspired by the Madonna song of the same name. This is a pretty pink polish inspired by the overall pink theme from the video! Added to this polish are large to small hex glitters in pink holo and silver holo." It is a gorgeous pink jelly base and I'm showing 3 coats to full coverage here with top coat. 

Next up is B*tchcraft. "It has color shifting glitter from blue to red swimming in a dark charcoal linear holographic jelly." I love this holo polish! The holo was even stronger in person than I am seeing in my photos here so my camera was trying to tone it down. The color shifting glitters are more noticeable indoors so I took my macro shot for you in my light box to show that shift. I'm showing three coats with top coat, however you could definitely layer one or two coats over black for a similar effect.

If you look closely, you can see the glitters as well.

Here is a shot in the lightbox so you can see the blue to red color shifting glitter!

Finally, we have Holiday! This is such a fun glitter topper and I've layered one dabbed coat over B*tchcraft. They are such a fun pairing! This is what the maker had to say about Holiday in the Etsy listing: "It is inspired by the Madonna song of the same name. A lovely glitter topcoat with various colored and sized circle glitters. This polish will contain every circle glitter I own at the time so there may be slight variations among batches but it will ALWAYS be a circle circus!!!!" As I said before, I'm showing one coat with top coat. I've dabbed it on a bit to get the glitter where I wanted it on the nail. I love love love how these look together!

Tell me your thoughts on these pretty Darling Diva Polishes? You can purchase these at the Etsy Shop linked below. They range in price from $9-$14. Thanks for reading!

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  1. These are great and your pictures are amazing!

  2. soooooo excited for more nail art xx

  3. OMG holiday is amazing! and over that holo, i really can't stop looking at your mani! gorg!