Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Born Pretty Stamping Plate Review!

Hello readers! Time for another double post day! I have a large stamping plate from the Born Pretty Store to review for you! I took lots of pictures and I'll explain along the way.

I requested plate CK-04 and it can be found here among other nail art tools and accessories on the Born Pretty Store website. This is what it looks like when you open it:

It has a nice blue plastic protective film to protect the plate during shipping. Don't forget to remove it before you try to use it! 

A nice addition compared to the round plate I have from Born Pretty, they have a backing on it now so you can't easily cut yourself on the edges!

Here you can see all of the different images on the plate! 42 images.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the plate was that the full nail images seemed a good deal smaller than the other plates that I am used to stamping with. So I did a test on paper with black polish. As you can see below, the middle is from this plate, these images are much smaller than other plates(you could lay this on it's side and do a double on top and it would be just a teeny bit bigger than the normal image size of the other plates!). I'm unsure of why they are so much smaller than their round plate images(shown on the right) but it really narrows down who is able to use them when it comes to nail width and length.
Bundle Monster 2nd Set plate image, Born Pretty CK-04 image, Born Pretty round m79 plate image. 

Now, time to try them out on my nails to see how the smaller size worked out: 
At first glance, not so bad. I found that if I was really careful and straight on my stamping, it was the perfect size for my pinky nail.

Onto the close ups: 
As you can see, the image didn't fit my index finger. I really love this image! Kind of sad that it didn't fit. It stamped really well, though!

The image on my middle finger looked pretty neat because it wasn't that noticeable that it was too small for the nail. just looked like the stars and arrows were coming from one side. 

I didn't do a very good job transferring this image but it's another that wouldn't look as bad if you put it on part of your nail since it doesn't have "edges."

My pinky fits these images perfectly. I just have to be very careful to get the image on straight so the sides aren't showing on the base color. 

I didn't even bother trying to stamp my thumb because even the bigger plates shown in the comparison don't always fit my thumb.

 So all in all, these plates stamp really well, but the images are just too small for most nails. You could get creative with them like Lindsey from Neverland Nail Blog and do parts of images on the nails instead of trying to use them as full images. 

I'm a little unsure why these images are so much smaller than the other Born Pretty plates that I have but I felt you should all know that before you buy them if you don't have teeny nails. I'd just go for their rounded plates if you were wanting to order from them.

As far as Born Pretty goes, they have great customer service and FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! You can't beat that. They have tons of other nail art accessories and tools so go check out what you want to order!

WAIT, there is more! I have a 5% off coupon code for you to use on your order! It's JACJ61. It's on the sidebar of my blog as well if you ever want to come back and find it to use!

*This product was sent for me to review with my honest opinion*
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  1. Wow! These look amazing! Like the best stamping plates ever made! I love them! :P Actually they aren't horrible. Maybe comparable to the first set of BM plates. I usually have to double stamp anyway. What I don't care for is how the images blur a little, like the star one. That's much blurrier than the exact one I have on my BM plate. Nice review!

  2. And I love how well that Pure Ice worked for stamping!!!

  3. Thanks for the review! I hope they improve the plates for future.

  4. Great review and thank you for the link! I love the comparison to other stamping plates. Great mani, too =]!

  5. A lot of these images are exactly the same as the first Bundle Monster set. I actually did a double take and had to double check where you said who made this plate.

  6. Well since I have tiny fingers I like the smaller plate. I might have to go buy this one at a later date. Nice review. I want your silver stamping polish girl!

  7. it sucks that they are small however they will make a perfect gift for my sister who is 12 and wants to use the stamping plates! thanks for the review.. i will order with your code :D

  8. i really love those images but since they are so small... no point in me buying them :-(
    Thanks for the review though!!!

    And I agree with your hubby - nothing of what you said is anywhere close to being rude ;-))

  9. Love this stamp plate. Great images. I might have to pick this one up!! Love it! If it was not for the dozen, upon dozens of plates I currently have now hat I have not tried yet, I would pick this up right now in a second!

  10. omg, i need this is my life lol... i love it! cant wait to see some looks using this

  11. So cool! I want to get a stamping set, I just don't know if I would be coordinated enough to do a decent job, lol.

  12. lovely... need to find a good silver metallic polish for stamping. any good recommendation? thanks.

    visit Beauty Sketch - my Beauty Journal!

  13. These are really cool! What's the base color you used?