Thursday, May 31, 2012

Born Pretty Striping Tape Mani!

Hello readers! I have another awesome product from The Born Pretty Store to share with you today! This time I have a set of 12 rolls of striping tape. I've been wanting to try striping tape for a while now and I can see why everyone loves it!

You can use striping tape to add to your manicure, or you can use them as a tape line to paint over and peel back up to reveal the bottom color underneath. I'm showing both methods in this mismatched mani so you can see that there are tons of possibilities!

The index and ring fingers had striping tape over the base color and after painting the top color, I peeled the tape back off to reveal the design(make sure you peel off the tape as soon as you are done painting the top color. You want the top color to still be wet so only the tape peels back up). The middle and pinky fingers just have the striping tape added to the design.

I used:
Orly Nail Defense
2 coats of Zoya Harlow
Zoya Savita
Born Pretty Store Striping Tape

You can see the different colored tape rolls

You can see how thick the rolls are of tape! I'll never run out!

And, of course because Zoya Harlow and Savita are matte polishes, I had to try top coat to see how it looked. I personally like the matte version better, though.

As for the striping tape, I just love it. I couldn't believe how thick the rolls were of tape when they arrived, I doubt I'll run out any time soon. I love the different colors as well. It makes it easy to add to a lot of nail designs. It's so easy to use! You just unroll the tape a bit, cut a piece, and then stick down to your nail. I then used cuticle nippers to cut close to the side of the nail so there wasn't any hanging off. Although they stuck down fine with my matte polishes, I would probably use a top coat to seal them in for longer use.

You can buy this set at the Born Pretty Store online, with free worldwide shipping! Here is the link to the striping tape, it's with the tons of other nail art accessories:

Also, my old coupon code is now upped to 7% off instead of the previous 5% off! That code is JACJ61. I've added this new banner to my ride side bar of the blog so you will always have it accessable for any Born Pretty Store purchases you make!

What do you think of the striping tape or design I did? Do you have striping tape yet? Will you be getting some? Thanks for reading!

*This product was sent for me to review with my honest opinion

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  1. 1. I prefer the matte version as well!
    2. The design is fun fun fun!
    3. Oh great, more purchases I have to make....

    Thanks for the review!! I LOVED it!

  2. Wooow, i love this!! I am going on ebay right now and order me those 2 polishes and striping tape! i will soooo copy that! ;)
    Matte is my favorite finish and purples and pinks my favorite nailpolish color anyway. So this mani is P.E.R.F.E.C.T!! ♥

    Love, Janine

    1. Well i guess i don't lol Harlow is $20 on I will try it with a pinkish shade i have and use my matte topcoat :)

  3. stripping tape looks so fun and easy! i might have to get some. i love this mani!

  4. I love striping tape, its so versatile and the stuff you created is really cute!

  5. I have just ordered the tape. I can't wait to start playing with them.

  6. So pretty! I love everything about this mani.

  7. Love the mix matched nails! Striping tape is so much fun to work with :)

  8. LOVE this! I prefer that matte version as well. Great job Jacki!

  9. The matte version is sooo amazing ♥

  10. I know this is about the striping tape, but gosh I want Harlow! Super cute designs.

  11. All I have to say is this SUPER and DUPER!!!

  12. I have striping tape on my wishlist and this mani just made me want it more! I love it and think one day I'll have to try something similar with a matte and regular nail polish. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!

  13. i soo just bought sum like 10 min ago from ebay $3 for 18 free shipping score!! haha love the idea