Thursday, December 6, 2012

HARE Illuminated Life Collection Swatches!

Hello readers! I have what I think is my absolute favorite Fall collection from this year to share with you today. It has the coolest inspiration and it stands out to me because of the awesome glowy iridescent glitters. The Illuminated Life Collection by HARE Polish was inspired by marine bioluminescence and I'm a total marine lover so this is right up my alley! We have had salt water aquariums for years and I almost went to school to become a Marine Biologist. These polishes are just fabulous!

They are 4 jelly bases with glowing iridescent glitters and flecks and I can't stop staring at my nails while wearing them. Nikole was kind enough to send 2 of them in my review package and even my hubby agreed that I needed to get my hands on the other 2 of the collection after seeing them in person. I am SO happy I was able to buy the other 2. 

Bury The Hatchetfish. Atolla, Medusa Luminosa, and Electric Flame.

Let's start off with my very favorite out of this collection: Atolla. This is inspired by the Atolla jellyfish. I am not usually a pink person and yet I love love love this! It's a reddish pink(magenta?) jelly with glowy blue/purple glitters and glass flecks. These polishes are all thick for jellies so be aware of that while applying. I heard rumor that these polishes had application issues but I didn't have problems as long as I wasn't doing too many strokes over it and also letting it dry before the second coat. I am showing 2 coats with 2 coats of Poshe top coat below because they are a bit hungry for top coat. 

Look at that glowing glitter!

Next we have Medusa Luminosa. It is also inspired by a jellyfish-- the Pelagia noctiluca or Medusa Luminosa in Italian. It is a bright purple jelly base packed with gold glass flecks, glowing blue glitter, and pink microglitter. My pictures are pulling more blue than the color is in person so I apologize for that. It zeroed in on that gorgeous blue iridescent glitter and you all know how hard it is to photograph purples. As with Atolla, I'm showing 2 coats with 2 coats of Poshe top coat. Absolutely gorgeous!

Electric Flame is next and is inspired by the Electric Flame Scallop. We actually had an Electric Flame Scallop in our saltwater tank a couple of years ago and this is spot on with the color! It is a pink toned bright orange jelly with blue and purple glass flecks as well as the glowing iridescent blue glitter. I'm showing 2 coats with 2 coats of Poshe top coat below. There is more VNL(visible nail line) in this polish for me so you may try 3 coats if that is something that bothers you. 

The blue iridescent glitters look pink and purple in this color base. I love the pinker tone it gives the orange. It made it much more wearable for me! 

Finally, we have Bury The Hatchetfish. Clever name! It was inspired by the Hatchetfish and is a really interesting color combination. It's a tan (or even more taupe on me) jelly base with glowing blue iridescent glitters and glass flecks. I love that it is a neutral color with bright glowing glitters! I chose to wear 3 coats below with 2 coats of Poshe top coat. 

The blue glass flecks look green!

What are your thoughts on this collection? It's so interesting that the same iridescent glowy blue glitters are in all 4 polishes, and yet they all have a different look when combined with the different bases! I absolutely love them! On the thicker side but that made for less cleanup on my end! Which is your favorite?

HARE Polishes can be purchased below:

As with any Indie Brand, I recommend "liking" each Facebook page below to get updates on when there will be restocks to purchase these! 

Thanks for reading!

*Some polishes in this post were sent to me to review with my honest opinon.

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  1. Gorgeous polishes and amazing pics!

  2. Oh, my goodness! Those are incredible polishes and pics!

  3. I love all four of these, they are stunning! I can't pick a favorite! I really love Medusa Luminosa and Electric Flame, though!

  4. Wow! These are all gorgeous. Its really hard to pick a favourite.
    They all look equally beautiful and it would depend on the occasion which one I'd want to wear.

    Love your blog.
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  5. These are all totally awesome! I really love the Orange one :D

  6. it's so beautifuuuul!!

    i loved your blog =)

    if you want to write my blog: =)


  7. These are gorg! I am weak in the knees when I come across a good fuchsia that flashes blue