Thursday, January 9, 2014

GOT Challenge: Pink!

Good morning, readers! I've decided to participate in a new challenge each week from The Crumpet! You can see more info on Debbie's post. Basically, each Thursday we will post a "Golden Oldie" polish that's at least a year old. We want to give some love to our older polishes that sometimes get stuck in a drawer after their initial welcome into the stash. I think it's a fun idea because I tend to weed out polishes that sit for that long without being used.
This week's prompt is Pink, so I grabbed Hare Atolla!

I previously reviewed the entire Illuminated Life Collection HERE back in December 2012. It's still one of my favorite indie collections EVER, with the glowing iridescent glitters and the best inspiration: marine bioluminescence!

I hardly ever wear pink so this prompt challenged me to remember this beauty and I'm so glad I wore it again! I didn't want to cover up Atolla too much, this challenge was about the pink after all, so I went with a simple doodle stamp image from Moyou London Princess 11 plate! Super cute and I love that it didn't distract from Atolla.

Thanks so much for reading! Check out the rest of the ladies' manis from GOT below!

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  1. I have just added my attempt at this challenge onto my blog, just a question how do I add the rest of the links to the post? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Hope Jacki doesn't mind me answering but there is a doc in the files section of the FB group, where the links to the inlinkz are.

  2. And I also wanted to say that I love the manicure - very pretty and sweet! :-)

  3. That base color is gorgeous and the stamping is so fun!