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Nāyll Polish Swatch and Review!

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Hello, readers! I have a new kind of review for you this morning! Nāyll is a new frankening website where you can "design" your own nail polish. They mix it after you pick the ingredients and ship it to you! I was able to create three custom polishes, pick two of their pre made glitter polishes to review, and review two top coats. This is a fairly in depth review so read on for more information!

Let's start with my three custom polishes! I chose to make 2 shimmer polishes and one glitter topper. There is also the option to create glitters with a tinted jelly base as well. You don't really get to see what it looks like before it comes, you just use common sense when picking what you want in the polish so you have an idea of what it will be. 

The first thing I did was go to the Start Now tab on the Nāyll Website and selected "Color Lacquer Base" to create a shimmer. I wanted a teal shimmer so I selected both "Sapphire Blue Shimmer" and "St. Patrick's Green Shimmer" to be mixed together. You have to pick your own custom name for the polish so I decided to use song lyrics to name my polishes. This teal got the lyric Like The Sound Of A Siren Song as it's name from one of my favorite songs: Eric Church's Carolina.

Nāyll Like The Sound Of A Siren Song
Custom teal shimmer. Created by mixing Sapphire Blue and St. Patrick's Day Green shimmers. 
I'm showing three coats below with no top coat.
The teal is a bit more green toned in person than my camera is showing. A really pretty shimmer with slight brushstrokes visible in the finished product.

Moving onto my second shimmer custom polish, I did the same steps as I explained in Like The Sound Of A Siren Song, but this time I selected "Sapphire Blue Shimmer" and "Royal Purple Shimmer" because I wanted a periwinkle. (You will have to remember your art class rules for mixing colors here. Teal=green+blue, periwinkle= blue+purple, etc). This lovely shimmer got the name of I Love Your Love The Most from another Eric Church song: Love Your Love The Most. (Can you tell I really like Eric Church?)

Nāyll I Love Your Love The Most
Custom periwinkle shimmer. Created by mixing Sapphire Blue and Royal Purple shimmers.
I'm showing three coats below with no top coat. Similar in formula and finish to the teal shown above, a gorgeous shimmer with slight brush strokes visible with the end product.

My final custom polish is a glitter topper. I'm not a huge fan of glitter lately but I owed it to you guys to try out the glitter franken page as well. From The "Start Now" tab, I selected "Lacquer Base For Glitters" so I could have a clear glitter base. I added "Fuchsia Dots," "Matte Aqua Dots," and "Silver Holographic Hex" for my glitters. I named it Your Love Is My Turning Page from one of my favorite Twilight Saga soundtrack songs: Turning Page by Sleeping At Last. 

Nāyll Your Love Is My Turning Page
Clear based glitter topper with circle glitter in fuchsia, aqua, and small holographic silver hexes.
The glitter was suspended well in the bottle, I had these sitting on my desk for almost a month waiting for their turn to be reviewed and there was zero sinkage. The base is a tad slippery so when I would paint the glitter on, a few would slide off the tip of the nail or stay on the brush. I'm wearing one coat with slight dabbing over I Love Your Love The Most. I've used the Smooth It Out Glitter Top Coat to seal it in. The top coat does a good job at sealing the larger glitter pieces and dries at a fairly quick rate. I would recommend one coat of Smooth It Out topped with your favorite quick dry top coat to quicken the process.


Those are my customs! Now, let's talk about the last three polishes I was sent to review!

Nāyll Holy Holo Top Coat
A scattered holo top coat to add a bit of sparkle to any base color.
I'm showing one coat below over Like The Sound Of A Siren Song. 
It's sparkly and the rainbow of the holo comes out in the sun. This photo was under my desk lamp so its not showing the full sparkle. 

Nāyll Red Bottom Heels
A clear based glitter topper with black and red square glitter, black and red micro hexes, and holo gold large hex glitter.
I'm showing one coat over a white creme base with one coat of Smooth It Out. This spread really easily and no issues to report.

Nāyll Banana Splits & Chick Flicks
Clear based glitter topper with matte yellow, white, and pale pink dots as well as pink bow shaped glitters.
How adorable is this? This is one dabbed coat over a white base. The glitters are heavier so they don't flow onto the nail as easily as Red Bottom Heels. Topped with one coat of Smooth It Out.

There you go! You can create your own polishes or chose from the pre made glitter polishes and top coats on the Nāyll website today! What do you think of the polishes I created? There are so many possibilities and I love that you get to name the polishes, they would make for really great personalized gifts as well! The name is right on the front of the bottle so thats also a plus!

Each polish starts at $12, with customizations adding $0.15 each. The top coats vary from $10-$12 depending on which you choose.

*All Nāyll polishes are free of DBP, Formaldehyde, Toluene, and also Formaldehyde Resin

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Instagram: @nayll_polish
Twitter: @Nayll_polish

Thanks so much for reading! I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

*The polishes in this post were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.
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