Friday, April 18, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen DOES Texture, Day 5: Easter Egg Hunt!

Good morning, readers! It's the final day of Texture Week with The Digit-al Dozen and I've had so much fun! Today's manicure is a silly one for the Easter holiday weekend starting today with Good Friday. Do you do egg hunts on your lawn for Easter? It's one of the things my kids enjoy doing the most and I am so excited that Owen (almost 2 years old) can participate with Hailey (almost 6 years old) more than last year.

  • As with yesterday's mani, I started with a base of Barry M Gelly Key Lime
  • Working one finger at a time, I followed my own Velvet Nails Tutorial and added this sparkling green flocking powder to create the illusion of grass on my nails. 
  • I was at a loss for things to use for my eggs on the grass and ended up going through my old Incoco nail polish appliqué packs that didn't have enough for another full mani and tried my best to cut tiny egg shapes out of them.  I used a drop of nail glue on the back of each egg and stuck them on the grass.
  • They held pretty well with the glue, but I didn't wear this longer than about an hour so I can't comment on wear time for the eggs. The flocking powder,  however, always lasts long on me!

Well there you have it! I completed Texture Week with The Digit-al Dozen and had a blast! Here is a collage of the entire week in case you missed one of my manis! Thanks so much for tuning in this week and leaving your comments! Happy Easter!

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  1. That's a lovely fluffy lawn! And the cut out easter eggs are a lovely graphic element!
    Here in Germany the eggs are hidden and the kids have to find them. Always a fun thing for the hiding and the searching and sometimes even the "hiders" couldn't find them anymore... always lots of fun.

    Happy Easter! :-)

  2. This is probably my favorite textured mani of the week!!! I love the Easter grass!

  3. Hee-hee! These are so cute! Love them!

  4. Loving the Easter egg hunt! I didn't know that sparkling flocking powder existed; will have to look into this!

  5. That is really cute- I'm such a sucker for green.
    I really, really like the look of Barry M polishes but they're not available here in Australia and their shipping is like $35, which is ridiculous :(

  6. This is so ridiculously cute! I love that the nail wrap eggs make it look like an awesome 3D collage on your nails :D