Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Alter Ego Swatches!

Press Sample

Good morning! I have seven new polishes from Alter Ego Nail Enamel to show you today, AND once the rest of the reviews are posted, Cynthia has promised a sale code for you all! So grab your wish lists, and get ready to add some to it!

Alter Ego polishes have a different base than other indie polishes so some settling can occur but some shaking mixes it right back up again. This awesome base makes everything dry to a satin matte finish, some with slight texture, so you get to wear the polish two ways: with or without a shiny top coat! 

I chose to wear top coat for all of these photos because Cynthia also sent me her new top coat called She Shines! and I wanted to try it out for all of you! It dries nicely, and has a thinner consistency. You may need 2 coats of top coat for some polishes to get that glassy look.

Alter Ego Curses! Foiled Again
A simple metallic silver evident without a top coat, but with a high gloss top coat glows like sterling silver! This poor gal-she tries so hard to think ahead and plan appropriately but seems to get blocked at every turn.  The phrase 1 step forward and 2 steps back is her lot in life but with good humor she spends a lot of time saying Curses!  Foiled Again.  
I'm showing two coats with top coat below. This is one of my favorites, it is stunning as a matte or with a top coat!!  

Alter Ego Perfect Panache
   Who can’t have Perfect Panache while wearing this brilliant magenta base! I looked up panache, one of the definitions is to have spirited style, flair and to ooze self confidence. When you apply a high gloss top coat the bluish purple fine glitter pops up with a subtle yet sparkly hello! 
This is another favorite of the bunch for me! The base is gorgeous and the glowy glitters are a perfect combination. I'm showing two coats with 2 coats of top coat below. This one has a grittier finish so the extra top coat was needed. 

Alter Ego Aussie Rock Hound
All gem hunters search the world over for fabulous stones but the Aussie Rock Hound has to only go in to their back yard!  Inspired by the Black Opal, I hope you think I nailed the color to perfection! 
This is three coats with two coats of top coat below. I instantly knew this was inspired by opals, the flakes are gorgeous! They lay mostly flat and the jelly base suspends them easily. At three coats, you can still see some VNL, so you may prefer to layer over a base color.

Alter Ego Well Read
The last time I asked Facebook fans for their fave Ego, more than half said reader.  Well, I may need reader as a definitive addition to another name so I hope Well Read will suffice!  A classic red base and with a high gloss top coat a fine dusting of holo to represent all the stories we read!
I'm showing three coats below with one coat of top coat. I should have added a second coat of top coat for a higher shine but the color is amazing! It has a stronger smell when applying than the others, so use in a well ventilated area. But The color with the dusting of holo sparkles is gorgeous! 

Alter Ego In The Pink
It used to be when you said someone was In The Pink they just exuded greatness. They always feel good, look great & always have karma on their side!  2 different sparkly pink glitters in a bright pink base, 1 coat makes a nice topper and with my application 3 makes complete coverage.
I intended to do three coats for you, but after two I just loved the girly feel to it and decided to stop there! Topped with two coats of She Shines! top coat, it would make a great topper as well.

Alter Ego Loves Rock 'n Roll
If anyone knows pioneer Joan Jett please tell her I’d love to gift her a bottle of Loves Rock’n Roll!  If it were not for her efforts we would not have some of the amazing female rockers we’ve come to expect. Not gonna lie to you, the hearts are heavy and I put as many in the base as I could but you may have to fish for more than 1 or 2 per coat, I hope you think my tribute to Joan Jett and the Blackhearts is worth it.
As Cynthia described above, the heart shapes are heavy so I am showing three coats below with one coat of top coat. I kind of liked the small amount of glitter on the nail because they are bigger glitters. The base is a really gorgeous color as well.

Alter Ego Does The Splits
This gal Does The Splits-that is, banana splits!  This polish has these colors in it with the grey base representing the classic silver serving dish I grew up with.
I'm showing three coats with top coat below. The color combo is interesting in this one, but I love the connection to the inspiration!

There you have them! 7 new polishes from Alter Ego Nail Enamel! What do you think? Which are your favorites? I am definitely loving Curses! Foiled Again, Perfect Panache, and Well Read the most. 

Cynthia will have a special coupon code for you to use after all of the reviews are posted so make sure you like her Facebook Page below to be alerted when it is live in the shop!

Alter Ego Nail Enamels can be purchased in the shop below for $8.50 each. Thanks so much for reading!

*The polishes in this post were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.

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  1. Gorgeous swatches! Well Read and Foiled again are my favorites but I also really like Perfect Panache and Rock Hound!

  2. Thank you so very much for your wonderful review! I appreciate your attention to detail, people need as much as information as possible :) Your photos & manis are amazing, I am grateful for your hard work!

  3. This is a gorgeous collection! I like the first three best, so pretty :)