Monday, May 19, 2014

Elevation Polish Angels Are the Yetis of the Clouds Nail Art!

Good afternoon everyone! I have something to brighten up your Monday blues today: Elevation Polish Angels are the Yetis of the Clouds. I recently won this amazing limited edition polish by entering through the Elevation Polish IG and I still can't believe I won. It is gorgeous! I wore it alone this weekend but today I decided to try some nail art mixed with some of my other Elevation Polishes.

First, let's take a look at the gorgeous Angels are the Yetis of the Clouds by itself! The base color is gorgeous and the flakes are a perfect addition. This is two coats below with top coat.

Last week, Ida Nails It posted this mani on her Instagram and I loved the color combo of Elevations Jengish Chokusu and Mount McKinley and had to try it for myself! We both decided that adding in some accents of Angels are the Yetis of the Clouds would make for a great mani, so this is what I came up with!

  • I started out with two coats of Elevation Polish Mount McKinley.
  • Then, I used the bottle brush of Elevation Polish Jengish Chokusu (no nail art brush needed for this step) and painted a thick stripe down the center of the nails. I did have to do two coats because it wasn't opaque enough with one coat.
  • Lastly, I used a thin nail art brush and Elevation Polish Angels are the Yetis of the Clouds and did some simple geometric/tribal patterns. 
  • Seche Vite was used as the top coat to seal it all in.

What do you think? It was simple and I really love wearing it as a full mani right now! It definitely brightened up my Monday blues!

Elevation Polishes can be purchased at and that's where you will find Jengish Chokusu and Mount McKinley. Restocks are on the 7th (9PM Central) and 22nd (9AM Central) of each month.

Remember how I said that Angels are the Yetis of the Clouds was a very limited edition polish? I have great news for you-- Pointless Cafe is giving away a bottle! Make sure you go enter her giveaway so you can try for the chance to win this gorgeous polish as well! Good luck!

Thanks so much for reading!
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  1. Love this polish so much and the mani is awesome!

  2. It looks gorgeous on you and even though purple shades are not among my favorites, I have to admit this is a one of a kind beauty.

  3. Oh wow, such a beautiful poilsh!

  4. This is one pretty polish! SO beautiful! And lovely nail art you did with it =)