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KBShimmer Spring 2015 Nail Vinyls Review!

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Good afternoon, readers! I have the third and final new sheet of nail vinyls that released TODAY by KBShimmer. Take a look ay my previous reviews of the new colors, swirl vinyls, and thick/thin connected lines if you missed any of them this week. 

This nail vinyl sheet is full of Spring/Easter designs for loads of options when it comes to usage and manis. I've used most of the different designs in these 2 "skittle" manis to show you some options and ideas of how you could use the different designs. I have some favorites and I know I'll be taking single nail ideas and putting them into a full mani the next time I use them. Let's take a look!

This Spring Nail Vinyl Sheet consists of: "93 Pieces of springtime fun, including eggs, bunnies, flowers, butterflies, zig zags, and thick/thin lines for creating Easter Eggs on your nails! "

Some of those pieces are strings, while others are individual shapes. Here is an image from the site to show you exactly what you are getting(the pieces between the chevrons and stripes are also cut out so you get more of those than shown:

Let's see what I did with this sheet! As you can see below, the vinyls are in gold and can absolutely be used as stickers on the nail and not how I am using them.

Look #1:
(I did press the vinyls down more after taking this picture and they adhered fine, the photo is deceiving)

I painted a white base color on all nails before the next steps below. (Note: I used KBShimmer Clearly On Top quick dry top coat in between the base designs and the nail vinyls and let it dry 15-30 minutes before applying the nail vinyls.)

  • Index: I used KBShimmer Blue-ed Lines, Blush Money, Ins and Sprouts, and Thistle Be the Day over the white base. I wiped most of the polish off of the brushes and swiped them down the nail in different places. Then, I applied 2 different sized flowers and a single butterfly each hanging part way off of the nail for easy removal. I painted one coat of KBShimmer How You Dune? over the entire nail and used tweezers to remove the vinyls.
  • Middle: I used a makeup sponge to do a gradient of KBShimmer Blush Money and Ins and Sprouts on the entire nail. I applied a single tulip vertically on the nail and then used the sponge to do the same gradient, but inverted. Once I was happy with the coverage of the new gradient, I used tweezers to remove the vinyl.
  • Ring: I painted two coats of Thistle Be the Day. I applied a string of flowers and a string of butterfly vinyls and then painted a coat of How You Dune? on top. I used tweezers to carefully peel off the vinyls.
  • Pinky: I painted two coats of Blush Money and applied the string of tulips on top. Then, I painted a coat of KBShimmer Hugs and Wishes on top before peeling off the vinyl with tweezers. 
I used one coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top to seal in the designs.

Look #2:

I painted a white base coat and one coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top and let dry for 15-30 minutes before applying the nail vinyls below.

  • Index: I was going for an easter egg nail so I applied one chevron and one thin line on the nail. Then, I painted each of the sections with: KBShimmer Thistle Be the Day, Blue-d Lines, and Ins and Sprouts. I used tweezers to carefully peel the vinyls off.
  • Middle: I applied one of the bunny+flower strings and painted over it with a coat of KBShimmer Hugs and Wishes. Before I peeled it off, I added a coat of Prism Break for some holo sparkle. I used tweezers to carefully peel off the vinyl.
  • Ring: I used a string of eggs horizontally on the nail. I painted Blush Money on the top half and Ins and Sprouts on the bottom half. While still wet, I used tweezers to carefully peel the egg string back off.
  • Pinky: I placed one of the smallest single bunny vinyls on the nail, barely hanging off the tip so I could peel it back up again. I painted one coat of Blush Money on top and peeled the bunny off with tweezers.
I used a coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top to seal it all in.

There you have it! There are only a few that I didn't get to use yet from the sheet (string of bunnies+eggs, medium and large bunnies, and single eggs) but I hope this gives you a good idea of looks you can create with it. 

Some notes: I used a toothpick to punch some of the centers of the flowers out because they didn't all stay on the sheet when I pulled them up. Not an issue in my opinion since it is such a small cutout but I thought you all should be aware of it. Also, these nail vinyls seem a little thicker or less flexible than the previous sets I have reviewed because of the shiny gold sheet material. They still work well but I wanted to let you know so you weren't surprised when you received them.

There are 93 total pieces on this sheet and it is available now for $5 at their website: For sales outside the U.S., visit www.harlowandco.orgThanks so much for reading!

*The vinyls in this post were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.

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