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Swatch Saturday: Alter Ego Nail Enamels egoSCENTrics Collection!

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Good morning, readers! Happy Valentine's Day if you are celebrating! We have a fun family day planned so no valentines nail art from me today. Instead, I have a new collection by Alter Ego Nail Enamels that launches today at Noon (CST). Alongside 5 new gorgeous polishes, there is a new product called egoSCENTrics! They are moisturizing perfume sticks that can also be used as a cuticle balm! Let's check everything out!

Let's start with the new polishes first! As you may remember from my many previous posts on Alter Ego Nail Enamels, Cynthia uses a different kind of base for her polishes than you see with most other indies. It dries to a slightly textured matte, which to me just gives you two options on how to wear that polish. Loads of her polishes I prefer to wear without top coat. These new ones, however, I decided to use top coat for my photos because I preferred them that way due to the shimmers in them really sparkling with the added top coat. 

Some formulas can be a bit thicker so I easily thin them to my own preference for application by adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Also, Cynthia always throws in a free She Shines top coat with your order. It is a thinner top coat so you may want more than one coat of it to cover the textured finish. (Looking back at my photos now, it seems the top coat dried while I was taking my photos and I could have used another coat on some.)

Alter Ego First Love
No matter how old we get, we can never forget the thrill of our First Love. The memories of those emotions, hopes and dreams can make us blush all shades of pink to purple, just like the stunning bouqets of fresh lilacs her suitor always gave her!
I'm showing three coats below with top coat.
I did thin this one a bit but I preferred three thinner coats to showcase more of the gorgeous shimmer. This is definitely my favorite of the collection, stunning!!

Alter Ego Secret Lover
Furtive glances, light touches and dreamy eyes, all signs that this gal has a Secret Lover. There may not be anything that her family and friends would think of as "wrong" with the person of her devotion, she just wants tend to the relationship as carefully as she tends to the gardenias her paramour gave her their first date. In public she wears a simple red but when she dons a top coat the glimmering gold her lover denotes shines through!
I'm showing three coats with top coat below.
I thinned this just a bit. The gold bits are holo and much prettier in person than my lightbox was showing. Check out the macro for a little preview of how they reflect the light. Very pretty!
(This was one that I really needed a second coat of top coat)

Alter Ego Night Owl
Some people are early risers but this girl likes to sleep late because she's a bona fide Night Owl:) She wakes up to her true potential when the sky turns that stunning shade of deep bluish black, her bits and pieces of stunning gold and silver as evident as the colorful plumerias she wears in her hair!
I'm showing two coats below with top coat.
I didn't thin this one, it had great coverage and the glitters pop so well against the deep base.

Alter Ego Bubbly
Happy, cheerful and exhuberant, this girl is always Bubbly , just like the champagne she adores! My favorite champagnes are light golden and the tiny bubbles sparkle with pops of silver as they rise to the surface, calling me to admire their lively effervescence.
I'm showing only 2 coats below with top coat.
This is STUNNING. I gasped when I added the first coat to my nails. The flake shimmers are gorgeous for a topper over a different color, built up on it's own, or even one coat over bare nail for a classy sheer look. I didn't thin this and it looks gorgeous glossy or matte. This is another favorite, and a surprise to me at that!

Alter Ego Tangy
Your conversations with this high spirited woman are always poignant, tangy and zesty! Just as brilliant as the tangerines only available during the short winter months, this lively gal cannot be missed and needs no other decoration, she always catches the eye and stands out in a crowd.
I'm showing three coats below with top coat.
I am basically wearing orange soda on my nails. Adding top coat shows off this gorgeous jelly and first of it's kind in my Alter Ego Collection. This would be perfect for jelly sandwiches and I'll definitely be trying that soon. This one had the smoothest finish alone but needed the top coat to bring out the squishy jelly shine.

What do you think of the new polishes? Each polish has a matching egoSCENTrics perfume stick available that goes with the description. (In the future, there won't always be a matching polish to the scent.) There are only 4 ingredients (coconut oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil, and avocado oil) plus the perfume oil for the specific scent. The scents are mild and you can add a few swipes to your pulse points. They have also been used as a cuticle balm because they are very moisturizing. They are similar to chapstick consistency and you just rub it on your cuticles and then massage into the nails and skin. 

Perfume oils for each:
  • First Love: Lilac
  • Secret Lover: Gardenia
  • Night Owl: Plumeria (my personal favorite)
  • Bubbly: Champagne 
  • Tangy: Tangerine
  • There is also an unscented version available!

What do you think about this new product by Alter Ego Nail Enamels? Which scent sounds the most appealing to you? I am pretty excited about these because they are so easy to stick in a purse for any time you want some extra moisture on your nails as well as a mild perfume. 

All of these new things release TODAY, February 14th, 2015 at 12 NOON (Central) at the shop linked below. The polishes retail for $9 each and the egoSCENTrics are $3 each(.015oz).

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Thanks so much for reading! Let me know your favorites in the comments below!

*The polishes and products in this post were sent for me to review with my honest opinion. 

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  1. Thank you from the bottom and all around my heart for your thorough and detailed review! Every mani & photo are spectacular, I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for your hard work!