Tuesday, May 5, 2015

SCRATCH Monthly Mani Kit

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Good morning, readers! I have a new subscription service to share with you today from SCRATCH. The Monthly Mani Kit includes one set of nail polish wraps a month, plus extras (polish, tools, charms, etc). You will get a preview of 3 wrap design choices and you decide which you want in your package. Let's take a look at the set I chose!

 Out of the three possible nail wrap designs, I chose this adorable strawberry themed one called Strawberry Fields. SCRATCH also included a mini Color Club Poetic Hues, a nail art detail brush, and a really yummy organic strawberry lollipop!

These nail wraps feature cutouts for a negative space look, but you can also layer them over any color base if you don't want to show bare nail. I chose to do a dry brush base using the included Color Club polish. I wiped mostly all of the polish from the bottle brush and swiped along the nail from side to side and cuticle to tip until I reached the desired coverage.

This paired well with the sketched look of the strawberries. 

Once the base was dry, I followed the instructions on the SCRATCH website to apply the wraps. They stretch and break off at the tip like the Sally Hansen and Incoco wraps, as opposed to the sticker kind like Jamberry. I definitely prefer this kind, they are easier to smooth across the nails and if they are too wide for your nail bed, you can easily use the included orange stick or your other nail to "cut" the excess off of the nail.

There are 16 wraps in each set, and there were a few different designs in the theme. I really like how these paired all together in the mani. I did apply top coat as they suggested in the instructions.

These have one cuticle end as opposed to some of the other brands, so you may not find as perfect of a fit with less sizes. As I said above, you can definitely use one a little wider and easily trim the overhang. I did this with my index nail above. 

These wraps are 5-free polish screen printed onto thin adhesive. They remove easily with your normal nail polish remover. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do a true wear test with these for you but the site does say with added top coat you should get at least a week of wear. (Have you tried these? Let me know your results below!)

The SCRATCH Monthly Mani Kit is $10 per month plus shipping and handling ($2.95 US and $4.95 international). The wraps alone are worth $12 each and they throw in bonuses to reach a total value of over $20 per kit. You can learn more and sign up for the Monthly Mani Kit at the link below.


What do you think of these? Super cute design for sure! I am anxious to hear your thoughts on this SCRATCH Monthly Mani Kit. Are you signing up? Thanks so much for reading!

*The products in this post were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.
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  1. Those strawberry wraps are friggin' adorable!

  2. I wasn't really feeling this set when I saw it elsewhere but omg- with that dry brush underneath? That looks amazing!!

  3. these are so cute! I love how you played with the negative space!