Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer Gradient with Cirque Colors!

Good afternoon, readers! I have a simple mani to share with you using two Cirque Colors polishes I recently purchased from Nordstrom. Vigo and Sunset Park are both squishy crellies so it took a lot of sponging to get them opaque enough for a gradient but I loved the color combination. I could have stamped or done other nail art over top, but I ended up leaving it alone.

  • I started out with three squishy coats of Sunset Park and let dry.
  • Then, I applied Liquid Palisade around the outside of the nails to help with cleanup.
  • I used a triangular makeup sponge and painted stripes side by side of each Vigo and Sunset Park on the sponge.
  • I pressed the sponge onto the nail over and over again to blend the colors.
  • I repeated this many times per nail until the colors were opaque enough.
  • I used tweezers to peel up the LP and excess polish from the skin.
  • KBShimmer Clearly On Top was used to seal the mani and add shine.

Sometimes simple is best. Thank you so much for reading, have a great weekend!

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