Friday, July 29, 2011

Stamping Information!

I have had a lot of questions about the nail stamps that I use and wanted to share this link.

A fellow blogger, rebecca likes nails, just put this long and detailed post up all about nail stamping so I am going to share the link here. It's very informative and I recommend all of you read it before you want to try out stamping!

:) Hope you learn some things! Thanks for reading!
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  1. Thanks for sharing the info. I had been meaning to ask you more about the stamping!

    I just love your blog!!!!

  2. You're welcome!! Definitely a great and informative post Rebecca did! And thank you!! Really glad you like it!!

  3. How do you like your bundle monster ones? I know they're the cheaper ones. Do they still work well for you. From your pictures it seems so. I like their patterns the best of the ones I've seen.

  4. Just bought a nail stamper beginner thing by Salon Express, $7 @ my local R.O.S.S. so excited to try it out, and to start getting more plates!