Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lilacquer Fifth Element Collection: Part 4

Hello readers! Today I have the final part of the Lilacquer Fifth Element Collection! Hope you've had a chance to check out my last 3 posts with the first 6 polishes!

Finally, we come to the pinks! Neither of these were big color shifts in my opinion so I have no macros over black to show you.

To Protect And Love and Fhloston Paradise!

First we have To Protect and Love! From the Etsy listing, it's as "understated peach jelly with gold, orange, and green shimmer." It's a really flattering peach color and the shimmer is gorgeous! I'm showing over black, white, and on it's own. No top coat. 

Index: 2 coats over black
Middle: 2 coats over white
Ring and Pinky: 3 coats by itself.

2 coats over white. That shimmer is just gorgeous!

And for the final Fifth Element polish, we have Fhloston Paradise! This is another favorite of the collection for me. From it's Etsy listing, it's a "bright magenta pink with sky blue highlights."  I'm showing over black, white, and by itself.  No top coat.

Index: 2 coats over black
Middle: 2 coats over white
Ring and Pinky: 2 coats by itself

2 coats over white. So pretty!

Well, there you have it! All 8 polishes from Lilacquer's Fifth Element Collection! As a whole, it's an awesome collection. With 5 having great color shifts and almost all with easy application! I hope you've enjoyed them! What is your favorite? Thanks for reading!

Lilacquer polishes can be purchased for $9 for 15mL at her Etsy Shop HERE
Also, keep up to date with the Lilacquer Facebook Page HERE

*These polishes were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.
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