Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pretty & Polished Bridal Polishes!

Hello readers! I have more awesome polishes from Pretty & Polished to share with you today! These three are from the Bridal collection and I love them all! Too bad I wasn't into nail polish back when I got married 7 years ago, how fun!

They are: "Never a Bride, Always a Mermaid," "I Do!" and "Save The Date." 

First up is Never a Bride, Always a Mermaid. It's a gorgeous full coverage glitter polish that really does remind me of mermaid tails! There are tiny glitters in both green and aqua as well as aqua hexes that seem to change color a bit at different angles. It was nearly opaque in 2 coats, but I did a third. Very easy to apply. Shown below with top coat. 

I didn't want to take this beauty off!

Next up we have I Do! I'm not usually a big fan of white based polishes, or ones with hearts for that matter, but I was surprised at how much I liked this when it was on! It definitely needed 3 coats and because I have a mini bottle and brush, I had to work a bit to get some hearts out. There are different sized pink hexes in the white base as well as the pink hearts. The hearts are on the thicker side of shaped glitter, but one thick coat of top coat and there was no trouble with them sticking up. Trust me, the hearts were worth it to tip the bottle upside down before I applied. Shown below with 3 coats and top coat. Also easy to apply.

You can see that the heart is textured.

Lastly, we have a glitter topper called Save The Date. It has a few different sizes of white hex glitter as well as some pretty iridescent ones in a clear base. This is two coats over a light blue base color (going for the "something blue" look) . Definitely very "bridal" or snowy looking to me. It was very easy to apply without fussing with the glitters. The large hexes were easier to get on the brush than the previous heavier hearts. Shown with top coat.

Look at the pretty iridescent glitters showing their colors!

Well there you have the first three bridal polishes from Pretty & Polished! Chelsea told me she has some others in the works so look around for those in the future. 

These are only available by custom order right now for $9 a full sized bottle. Please email Chelsea if you are interested in any at 

She is also offering custom wedding polishes in your wedding colors for $10 each. You can contact Chelsea at the same email above if you'd like to have that done as well! 

Pretty & Polished Etsy Shop link:
Pretty & Polished Blog link:

What do you think? Getting married any time soon? Do you have a favorite? Thanks for reading!

*These polishes were sent to me to review with my honest opinion. 

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  1. I actually like all three, and I Do is pretty darn cute!

  2. I love Save the Date, it'd be perfect for a wintery wedding. Its great that she's doing custom polishes based on wedding colors too, thats such a neat idea.

  3. I really like all three of these! Save the Date is so pretty!

  4. Ooooh I love the last one! Thats so pretty I want to layer it over everything haha!

    Jazz x