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GlitterDaze Love Is In The Air Collection!

Hello readers! I have a really fun Valentine's Day Collection to show you today from GlitterDaze! It's called Love Is In The Air and has 9 polishes. 5 are glitter packed polishes, 1 is a buildable glitter topper, and the last 3 are glitter toppers. Most have fun shaped glitter for the theme and I had no issues with any of them!

Let's start off with You Give Me Butterflies! This is what Sana has to say about it: "Butterflies in our stomachs is something we’ve all felt at some point for a certain special someone; it is a signature of falling head over heels in love. This nail polish is made up of a yellow jelly base with a delicate sprinkling of multi-sized pink and white satin glitters and holographic silver butterflies. " I'm showing three coats below with a glitter taming top coat to smooth out those adorbale butterfly shaped glitter. It covered easily and I didn't really have to dig for the butterflies so that was a plus.

Rainbow butterfly on my ring finger!

 Next, we have Monsta Love 2.0.  Here is the description from Sana: "Sometimes your love is so strong and powerful that a mere “I Love You” fails to capture the intensity of your feelings. We’ve brought back an old favorite and changed it up to include a purple jelly base with fuchsia, hot pink, and lavender accents, as well as red holographic hearts. " I think this is one of my favorites of this collection! Three coats with easy application and a glitter smoothing top coat. I had to fish out a few of the hearts but it was so worth it!

Hearts In Her Eyes is next! "Being in love can make a girl giddy with happiness and excitement towards her relationship and fill her head with idealistic fantasies. This light pink lacquer is reminiscent of the girlish crushes we all had growing up. Hearts in her eyes is made up of multi-sized black and white glitter including large circle glitter and hearts, as well as satin purple and red accents." This is definitely a "girly pink" base color and the mix of glitters is interesting! I'm showing three easy coats below with minimal fishing for the big heart glitters. Shown with glitter taming top coat.

Evermore could be my favorite of this collection! "Some relationships are meant to last forever; when it’s real, you’ll just know. Evermore is a bright, shimmery, red jelly nail polish that expresses a vision of everlasting love between two people. Silver, pink, and white glitters accent this polish and create a classic look with some modern sparkle. " This is definitely a pink leaning red jelly base and I love that about it. The glitter combo is gorgeous and I'm showing three coats with no top coat below! A wonderful Valentines Day color! 

Another one I really liked from this collection is My Secret Admirer. " Secret admirers are synonymous with flattery and pleasant surprises; you never know what to expect. My Secret Admirer channels the excitement that admirers bring along. A burst of red, and fuchsia glitters in all shapes and sizes shine through a pale pink base." I prefer this pale pink base to the darker one in Hearts In Her Eyes. I had to fish a bit for the heart glitters and I really love the addition of the purple squares! Showing three coats below with glitter taming top coat. 

Electric Chemistry is next! "When you’re around that special someone, there is an indescribable allure that consumes you with sparks of passion. It is a sultry and spectacular experience and this nail polish evokes such feelings. Electric chemistry is comprised of micro gunmetal and silver holographic glitters as well as medium light pink accents and black hearts. " This can be worn over a base color as a topper or as I did below with three coats to full coverage. I wanted to show that it definitely is buildable on it's own. The black hearts got covered by my multiple layers of glitter so I'd suggest wearing one or two coats over a base color if the hearts are what you are after. Three coats with a glitter smoothing top coat shown below. No issues to report!

Look at that holographic sparkle!

Black heart glitter is peeking out.

Now for the three glitter toppers!

Girl Meets Boy is a really fun color combo! "They say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus; two completely different creatures. This glitter topper proves that although different, two contrasting personalities can come together and create something that works. Bold black and bright blue glitters meet soft and delicate pink and white in this striking glitter topcoat" I'm showing two coats over OPI No Room For The Blues with a glitter taming top coat. I had to fish out some of the blue hearts so I suggest tipping this upside down for a few minutes prior to use! (Please note, the bubbles are from my top coat and not the polish.)

Love those satin pink and white glitters!

 Champagne and Bubble Baths is next! "Nothing compares to the feeling of soaking in a warm, fluffy, pink bubble bath sprinkled with rose petals and a glass of sparkly champagne. This polish was inspired by that feeling and is made up of multi-sized pink hexes and hearts, gold bubbles and accents, and red rose petal hexes. Apply this glitter topper over a multitude of shades to achieve a variety of looks! " This is only ONE coat over Zoya Posh. Amazing glitter density! I did fish out that lone heart on my middle finger, though, so tip upside down before use to help get the heavier glitter toward the brush. Shown with one coat of top coat. 

Lastly, we have Love Blossoms. This is what Sana has to say about it: "A great way to express your feelings to a loved one is to surprise them with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers, whether they be roses, tulips, or carnations. This glitter topcoat made up of flowers and small pink, fuchsia, and purple glitters will keep the essence of love right at your fingertips!" I love the added flower shaped glitter in this, as well as the really pleasing color combo of the small hexes! Showing 2 coats below with one coat of top coat. I did dig around for the bigger glitters but it was worth it to have the cute shapes!

(Note: the bubbles are due to my top coat and not the polish)

Tell me your thoughts on the Love Is In The Air Collection!! I really like it and am so glad Sana sent it to me so I could share it with you! This collection is available NOW! 

You can buy them here:
Pricing: $11 full size $6 mini.
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Thanks for reading!

*The polishes in this post were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.

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  4. Gorgeous collection and gorgeous swatches!!

  5. These are so pretty! I love all the Valentine's collections!!

  6. Amei o "meu admirador secreto" e o "amor floresce"! :D
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