Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen DOES Art: Light Art!

Hello readers! It's Day 4 of Art Week and I like thinking of things that are different than typical paintings and such. I asked the hubby for some ideas and he thought it would be cool if I wrote a word across my nails to represent "light art". Do you know what I'm talking about? A long exposure photograph taken and someone drawing in the air with a flashlight and the photo captures a line wherever the flashlight has been? Here is an example I got from google images:

Here is what I was able to come up with. I wish my neon color showed up more neon, but all in all I like it!

I used:
Duri Rejuvacote
Milani Black Swift
Striper brush and Milani White on the Spot
Striper brush and Dare Natural Flirt
NYC Grand Central Station top coat

What do you think? Thanks for reading! Come back tomorrow for the final day of Art Week!

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  1. Awesome, which striper brush did u use? I tried the ones I bough and the control was awful.

    1. I use the long skinny brush from the MASH set of brushes!

  2. This looks amazing! I would love to know which striper you use as well!

  3. o wow! Looks amazing :) I L O V E it :) haha;)

  4. Such patience, Jacki! This is awesome.

  5. This is beautiful! I love these types of photos!

  6. what an awesome idea, this is lovely! it would have been cool if you did the love in glow in the dark polish, so when you turned off the lights would would be real light art!

  7. What a cool inspiration! You're killing this week!