Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mommy's NOTD: Happy 4th of July Skittlette!

Hello, readers! Happy Fourth of July! I'm spending the day with family so this will be a quick post but I wanted to show you what I have on my nails today! This year's mani is all about texture and red, white, and blue!

Thumb: 2 coats of Zoya Chyna.
Index: 2 coats of OPI Solitaire
Middle and Ring: 2 coats of China Glaze White on White, topped with one layer of OPI I'm Not Really a Waitress using the water spotted technique*, topped with a layer of Cirque Bejeweled using the water spotted technique, topped with HK Girl Top coat. I punched some stars** with a star shaped hole punch into painters tape and stuck that on the nail, and sponged on OPI Solitaire a few times for desired opaqueness. I then carefully peeled off the tape to leave the stars behind on the nail.
Pinky: 2 coats of Zoya Liberty.

*Water spotted technique: drop a few drops of polish in a shot glass of water. Spray hair spray on the water and watch the polish get "spots" in it. Dip nail parallel with the water surface to pick up the spotted design onto the nail. Clean up the same way as water marble nails. (I can't remember where I saw this originally, but it's been all over the nail world lately and I've been dying to try it!)

**Here is Sarah's tutorial for using tape and star hole punches for step by step instructions:

What do you think of this look? The spotted technique wasn't the look I was going for with the red, it separated differently than expected, but I like the full look! I also used a clean up brush and painted some Elmer's school glue around my water spotted nails prior to dipping into the water for easier clean up of the polish on my finger tips. I just ran them under warm sink water and used an orange stick to gently scrape the glue and polish off!

Thanks for reading, have a safe and happy holiday!

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