Saturday, July 27, 2013

Swatch Saturday: Elevation Polish/Crowstoes Hot-Cold Duo!

Good morning, readers! It's Swatch Saturday and I have a short post today.

Elevation Polish and Crowstoes teamed  up for a polish duo and I couldn't wait to order it with my membership this month!

I'm calling it the Hot-Cold Duo, the names on the bottles are Too F#%*ing Hot and Too F#%*ing Cold.

Elevation Polish Too F#%*ing Hot is a deep red jelly-shimmer with both black and red medium/large flake shimmer. I used three coats below under Too F#%*ing Cold but two could work. I just wanted the color very deep and rich. (I actually took pictures of this on it's own, but they had too much glare to see the polish so I'll retake another time and post for you.) It applied easily and the flake shimmer is really nice!

Crowstoes Too F#%*ing Cold is a blue tinted glitter topper with a complex blend of holographic & iridescent glitters. I'm showing one coat over Too F#%*ing Hot with top coat. It applied easily but it's a bit top coat hungry. I noticed that the bigger iridescent glitters were still sticking out a bit after the top coat had dried so I recommend a thicker top coat or maybe two coats. It smelled like acrylic when I was using it (like you walked into a nail salon) but I couldn't smell it once it was dry with top coat.

This duo is so awesome! The blue just GLOWS over the deep red. I honestly couldn't stop staring at my nails. I am quite certain I made my husband look at them at least 3-4 times when he got home from work.

LOOK at the glowy glitter!!!

What do you think of this duo? I love it!!

You can purchase this duo for $24 from Overall Beauty or $26 from Llarowe.
As far as I know, Elevation Polish released and sold out of all of her stock on the July 7th restock. 

Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. It's gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to get my duo ♥

  2. I love both of them! They look great together! :)

  3. I like them both, but the cold one is the prettiest :)

  4. this is so pretty, they are perfect together!

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