Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mish Mash Skittlette Mani!

Good morning, readers! I have a fun look to share with you that I wore a little while back but didn't make it on the blog yet. You may have seen me preview it on Instagram if you follow me there. I wanted to try out Nerd Lacquer Cyance Friction and came up with this fun "skittlette" of sorts that required no nail art.

I learned a few things from this mani:
1) Nerd Lacquer Cyance Friction is AMAZING. I love everything about this and want to swim in it.
2) OPI You Dont Know Jacques Suede is a stainer. Like, through my layer of Rejuvacote stainer. In a mani that uses a bright teal, nude, and a taupe, you wouldn't think that the taupe would be the stainer. :(
3) I totally love using mulitple colors in a manicure like this! It may be too wild for some, but not for me. I got to use more than one untried polish from my stash and loved looking at my nails all day!

Thumb and middle finger: 2 coats of Nerd Lacquer Cyance Friction.
Index and pinky: 2 coats of OPI YDKJ Suede and 1.5 coats of Lynnderella A Neutral Party.
Ring finger: 2 coats of Zoya Godiva.

Seriously AMAZING.

What do you think of this mish mash simple skittlette look? I loved it! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Love it! And Cynace Friction totally screams Jacki. LOL

  2. wow!! This color combo is gorgeous!! And I'm totally in love with that Nerd Lacquer!!

  3. wow i love this look! reminds me of mermaids :)