Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pahlish Sarey's Berry + Butterfly Wing Nail Art!

Good morning! If you are a new-comer to the Pahlish buying life, as I am, you may not have heard of Bespoke Batches. Basically, they are limited edition and one-time-sale polishes. This is due to ingredients not being available anymore, or the cost being too high to produce as core colors. So today, I show you my very first Bespoke Batch polish: Pahlish Sarey's Berry.  It is a gorgeous bright purple/fuchsia jelly with a mix of soft white, violet, and blue flakes. AKA: AMAZING! This just made it's way into my top polishes for sure. I can't tell you enough good things about this polish, aside from the fact that I'm sad you can't all get it anymore. It is one that I think every polish lover needs in their collection.

Of course I wanted to do some nail art with Sarey's Berry, but didn't want to cover up too much of the beauty of it. So, I used my own Butterfly Wing Nail Art Tutorial and added the wing designs to accentuate the base color.

I'm showing three thin coats of Pahlish Sarey's Berry before adding the butterfly wing nail art. The black lines were done using Sinful Colors Black on Black, and the dots were Orly Sweet Peacock. 

This is one of my favorite color families for polish, and it is so hard to capture the color correctly on camera. I had to take these photos outside to get it as close as possible for you. In the light box, it was a deeper and blue-toned purple. This is much closer to the true color, and I wish I was able to get a good macro of the flakes outside. Absolutely amazing!

What do you think? Were you lucky enough to grab one of these at the restock on July 18th? I'm pretty sure that I'm going to put it on as a pedi today since there is no way I'll be changing my nails any time soon. Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. This polish is gorgeous! I love the colour of it and the flakies look amazing :) I really like the nail art you did with it too, it emphasizes its beauty!

  2. This is beautiful! The nail art really showcases the polish :)

    1. Thanks a ton! I was really trying to not cover it up too much

  3. Eek! this is soooo pretty!! Plus the butterfly art compliments it perfectly. Gah, why must I fall in love with impossible to get polishes!