Friday, July 18, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen DOES Countries and Cultures, Day 5: Asgard.

It's time for my final nail art look for Countries & Cultures Week with The Digit-al Dozen! The final mani is also of a fictional land, this time it's Asgard from Thor! Asgard is very detailed so I went with a simplistic recreation of the Bifröst bridge reaching to the palace.

Here is a reference image from the movie:

 I'm a big fan of the new Marvel movies, and love Thor and Loki! The rainbow bridge was painted with a silver holo, but you can't see the rainbow in the lightbox. It's definitely cool in person! The base is OPI Can't Find My Czechbook.

What do you think? It's my least favorite of the week, but I was battling a terrible headache this morning so it's a wonder I got any polishing done. Thanks so much for sticking around this week and seeing my interpretations of the Countries & Cultures theme with The Digit-al Dozen! 

In case you missed any, here is a collage of all 5 manis from this week! Which was your favorite?

Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. I love this, I love all your mani's for Digit-al Dozen this week! ♥

  2. Very nice! I love Thor and Loki too, I even named my kittens that! :)

  3. Beautiful manicure, I love it :)

  4. Lovely, again! My favorite mani was the one with the Wizard of Oz theme.

  5. This is so beautiful! You rocked it this week! Loved each one! All just brilliant! And so geeky! :)

    1. Thanks so much! Definitely geeky over here! haha

  6. your manis for this theme keep amazing me. brilliant, again.