Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 29: Inspired By The Supernatural

Hello readers! As promised, here is the 2nd post of the day. Today's nails were supposed to be inspired by the supernatural. With Halloween coming up and all of the scary nails, I wanted to be different and do nails inspired by Fairies!

On my accent nail I did a fairy sitting on a flower, but I really liked all of the other nails since they were a gradient. I must add that the gradient is more apparent in person because these holographic glitter polishes are blending in to each other in this sun shot.

I used: Milani Digital as a base color
           Sponged on OPI Teenage dream for the tip gradient

What do you think? I love these in person and keep looking at my nails. I think I'm a huge fan of glitter tip gradients and will probably do many of these in the future!
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