Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sparkly Spider Webs!

I have exciting news for you today! One of my biggest nail art idols, Kayla of Nails By Kayla Shevonne, posted that Adventures In Acetone is her Featured Blog for October!! This is such an amazing honor to be recognized by someone with such awesome nail art talent. You can read her blog post here. Thank you, Kayla! This means so much to me!

Something else exciting that I want to share: this is my 100th blog post! Wow! That went by fast! I feel like I should have done anniversary nails for the occasion or something. :)

Instead, I wanted to do a Halloween themed mani today. Just a little over a week left until Halloween and I've only done one other Halloween design

This was pretty simple. Just used a striper brush and black polish for the webs.

I used:
Base Coat of OPI Nail Envy
1 Coat of China Glaze Cross Iron 360
2 coats of Wet n Wild Tangled In My Web on the ring finger
Striper Brush and Wet n Wild Ink Well for the web design
1 Coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust
Top Coat of Out The Door

Also, I wanted to add, that I put on Julep Glow On Hand Brightener before I took this picture for my reader, Alexisaurus, who requested to see it on after the last Julep Maven Box post. Can you tell that it makes my hands glow a bit?

This wasn't very hard to do and I just felt like it needed that extra sparkle so I added that coat of Fairy Dust to lessen the harshness. I really like how this turned out! What are your thoughts? Thanks for reading!
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  1. I love it, it's so pretty!
    I found your blog since Kayla posted about it, and I'm so glad she shared your blog :) 'How comes I didn't follow her earlier?!' was all I could think when I saw it :)
    So, I'm a new follower and I have to say I love your blog :)

  2. You're SO welcome! You truly deserve it. Keep up the awesome work girl! <3

  3. This isn't something I would do with my nails but I love it on yours! :)

  4. Congrats! and you have an amazing blog so you deserve it!

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  6. Love this Jacki!! SO jealous of your uh-mazing nail art skillz! ;-)

  7. I love these!! And congrats on the Kayla Shevonne post! I read that post this morning:)

  8. I am very impressed with your work! A lot!
    I found your blog on and I'm following and surely, you have
    my daily visit!
    Beijos, Maria Clara!
    Hey, I hope you take a look at my blog!

  9. Fantastic! I can't wait to have a try.

  10. awesome, I love your holidays idea!