Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My October Julep Maven Box!

Hello readers!! This is one of my most favorite posts I do each month! I received my Julep Maven box and couldn't wait to show you what I got! I am "American Beauty" and here are the goodies:

In The Box:
Dendrie nail polish ($14)
NEW Julep Glow On Hand Brightener ($32)
NEW Julep 2011 Holiday Color Brooklyn ($14)
Total retail price was $60, and I got these for FREE! 
Since I signed up before a certain date when the referral system had a glitch, I recieved this month's box free to make up for any possible lost referrals! You would normally pay $19.99 a month for your Julep  Maven box.

First up, we have Brooklyn. Such a gorgeous red!! This is 2 coats. It was hard to capture with the glitter and I think my pictures make it more bright/cherry than it is. I love it. I think I may wear this to an upcoming wedding because it is so gorgeous!

This is topped with 2 thin coats or Orly Sec n Dry and you can still see some texture from the glitter found in the red base. I'm sure that Gelous before my top coat would have made a huge difference. 

And here we have Dendrie. Described as "a chic, dove grey." This was pretty sheer and needed 3 coats for these pictures. I don't think I love this with my skin tone but it's a pretty grey!  

As for the Glow On skin brightener, I really love it. It smells so nice and doesn't feel too greasy while on my hands. It must have some kind of shimmer in it because my hands really looked like they glowed when I had it on.  I just love the hand treatments we get in our monthly boxes with the polishes!

My verdict for this months box? I like all of it! Even though Dendrie may not be flattering on me, it applied nicely and dried so quickly and shiny! I had no top coat in the above pictures! I look forward to seeing what I get next month in my Julep Maven Box!

Don't forget, with Julep Maven:
-You can request a new "shelf pull" if you don't like what colors they've picked for you
-You always get free shipping, as well as 20% off their site
-You can pause, cancel, or send to friend any month by the 25th
-Your box is shipped on the 26th(as well as your card charged for it)
-It's 19.99 a month for at least $40 worth of products
-You get $15 credit for each Maven you refer(keep track of who you refer in case Julep has another glitch)

If you want to sign up now, here is my referral link:
Again, please let me know if you use my link so my credit doesn't get lost.

Anyone plan on ordering? What do you think of my new colors? Thanks for reading!
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  2. Brooklyn is gorgeous, and I don't even think that Dendrie looks bad with your skin tone! Great post!

  3. i love the gray one!!! and you know i would die wearing the red glitter even dying with the pure ice glitter one i quickly put on yesterday while you were over! where's my poshe?!!

  4. Both polishes are pretty! I would love to see the lotion on your hands!!


  5. Love the red! Maybe you'll have time to do my nails that color for the wedding too?

  6. I also got this box. I love both polishes, and the lotion smelly yummy :)

  7. I really like Brooklyn, although it looks like something I've seen before. I too am "American Beauty", so they'll probably send me the same colors. Can't wait!

  8. Gorgeous! I love it! I am going to purchase it when Julep releases the new colors!!!