Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jordana Glitters Swatches and Review!

Hello readers! I have an awesome set of glitters to show you today! If you follow my Facebook Page, you would have seen my picture I posted on the 10th that all of the Jordana Glitters are now available on! I have 6 to show you today and I really like them!

I've done base colors on 4, and then 2 of them are built up on their own. All swatches are shown with one layer of top coat.

First up we have Confetti. Chunky magenta hex glitter in a clear base. This is one coat over Milani Key West. I had to push them around a bit but didn't have a hard time getting them onto the brush at all. Love the color combo possibilities with this one!

Next, we have Outer Space. A clear base with fine blue glitters and chunky gold and pink hexes. This is 2 coats over Milani Beach Front. I think this is my favorite out of the 6 because of the unique color combo of the glitters and the different sizes.

Red Flash is next. It has very fine red glitters as well as chunky hexes in a clear base. It's much less orange toned than this picture, for some reason my camera wanted it more golden. This is one coat over Milani Morning Coffee. As you can see, it's very dense for one coat! Great coverage.

This is Galaxy. It's the gunmetal grey version of Red Flash. The same fine glitters paired with chunky hexes in a clear base. This is one coat over Milani Orchidia. I've been wanting a layering glitter of this color for a while now and am really excited about this one! I love it!

This is Purple Party. 2 coats on it's own, its very dense and easy to work with. When I was looking at the bottle, I thought it was only fuchsia and silver glitters but when I was loading these pictures, I realized that it had so many other colors hiding in there! Very pretty!

Lastly, we have Carnival. This is 3 coats on its own and very pretty! A navy blue jelly base with small blue and chunky green, blue, and silver hexagon glitters. It was easy to apply.

And if you saw the swatch of Carnival and thought it looked familiar...

Seems very close to the pricey Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe! Below I've done a comparison:

Jordana Carnival on the index and ring fingers, DL ATU on the middle and pinky fingers! The Jordana only took 3 coats while it was 4 for the Deborah Lippmann to get to full coverage. I LOVE when there are $3 alternatives to $18 polishes!! 

So what do you think of these new glitters? I really love them! I know you can find Jordana polishes at most Kmart stores, and of course these and more are all available at They retail for $2.99!

What's your favorite? Thanks for reading!

*These polishes were sent to me to review with my honest opinion.  

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  1. Great post - love the comparison!

  2. Nice dupe. I love purple party.

  3. These are gorgeous, and how can you not love that price!!

  4. I definitely need Confetti in my life. I LOVE how it looks like rose petals spread all over. Fun but classy (if you can call glitter hex's classy LOL)

    And I love the DL dupe and I need to get it too! I just hope you won't find any cheap dupes for any of the DL I already got :-P

  5. They are all so fun! I actually think Purple Party

  6. wow that's awesome! It looks so close to across the universe! :)

  7. LOVE! I have been waiting and waiting for a readily available dupe to Across The Universe :-)

  8. I really like Purple Party :D

  9. awesome! i'm definitely gonna have to look out for the DL dupe. does it have taco glitter in it though?

    1. If by that you mean slightly curled? It looks as though they aren't completely flat. But I didn't notice it much on the nails when I applied top coat.

  10. these are pretty and awesome!!!

  11. Purple Party, Carnival and Outer Space are stunning!

  12. i love the jordana glitters! i cant wait til my kmart gets these in!

  13. Beautiful colour choices for your layering--these glitters are awesome!