Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Ozotic Mishmash 534!

Good afternoon, readers!! I have the last color in our Ozotic Mishmash-athon for you today! Stay tuned later today for a comparison post on all four Ozotic Mishmash holographic multichrome polishes! Have you read my other posts on Ozotic 531, 532, and 533?

These pictures are of 2 coats over black, with one coat of top coat. Top coat does not dull the holo effect, yay! I love purple polishes so was very excited to try this one. It's another one with purple and blue tones. The color change didn't seem as drastic as some of the others in this set, but it's still a pretty polish!

Say hello to Ozotic Mishmash 534:


Pinker purple.

Bluer Purple


Pretty bottle!

The shaded picture. You can't see as many colors as some of the previous polishes.

So what are your thoughts? I can't wait for you to see my comparison post and hopefully be able to help you choose which colors you want to buy!

Again, I want to thank Leah Ann from Llarowe for sending me these polishes for my honest opinion and review on them. I love them!! Please go check out her shop and Facebook Page to see all of the amazing polishes she has to offer! She is the official US Stockist for Glitter Gal and A-England polishes, as well as part of the piCture pOlish network. She has also recently added HITS polishes to her site!

Also, I just wanted to add that this will count as my Day 2 in the 30 Days of Untrieds Challenge!

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  1. so pretty isn't it? wearing this today :-)

  2. I was going to ask where you got those polishes at! They were all gorgeous!

  3. love it! looks just like my nails atm, lol! we are cool nail twins!

  4. Oooooooohhh I LOVE this one!!!!!

  5. wow !! really pretty !!! love the rainbow

  6. Oh... This is SO gorgeous!!
    Can't stop staring!!!