Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ozotic Mishmash Comparison

Hello readers! Are you ready for the big comparison post between all 4 new Ozotic Mishmash holographic multichrome polishes? You can go see my individual posts for 531532, 533, and 534, as well if you haven't been around for the Mishmash-athon.

First, lets look at a bottle shot:

Right to Left: 531, 532, 533, 534

I painted each nail to correspond with one of the new colors for these pictures. Index is 531, middle finger is 532, ring finger is 533 and pinky finger is 534. All are 2 coats over black with topcoat. 

At this angle(and most of the time), you can easily see the 4 different colors.

You can see a bit of a color change.

At this extreme angle to the sun, 532, 533, and 534 look like the exact same polish!

And at this angle, the same thing happens to make it look like 532, 533, and 534 are the same.

Here is a shady picture for you to see the mutichrome.

As you can see, 531 is the most unique. 532, 533, and 534 can look like the same polish in certain angles of the light. 532 has the most color change compared to 533 and 534 because it also has that green/teal added to the blues and purples found in 533 and 534. I honestly don't think you would *need* all 3 of those polishes unless you are a collector or feel it's important to have each. But I'll leave that up to you! :)

I love them all and once again want to thank Leah Ann at Llarowe for providing them for review. I hope this was helpful for anyone trying to decide what they want to buy from this collection. Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. thank you so much for the comparison, it is really useful and I think I will just pick #532!

  2. Great comparison post! I've just received mines!
    you did an amazing job with your 1st picture! you can really see the difference between the polishes on this photo!

  3. SO much awesomeness in ONE post!

  4. much to drool over!!! Great post!

  5. I think those are all really pretty!

  6. 531 is stunning! I've never seen anything like it before!! It's my favorite!!

  7. This was actually really helpful the way you did all four at once. Its so hard to decide when all the descriptions sound the same! So I now know I need 3 of the 4!! Thanks!

  8. I have all 4 on its way to me in the mail. My heart belongs to 531 but since 532, 533 & 534 are similar, maybe some niece in my family will get a couple of polishes she has never seen before for Christmas lol.

    Great review :-)

  9. oh my! these are absolutely stunning! they completely blew my mind away! thanks so much for the comparisons!

  10. *dies* Now I want them even more!! They are so stunning!