Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Milani High Speed Fast Dry Swatches and Review!

Hello readers! I have a collection of swatches to show you today from the new Milani High Speed Fast Dry nail lacquer line. There are 8 colors and 6 are bright and fun and seem perfect for summer!

I was impressed with the quick dry formula in these. The label says "Dries in 60 seconds," so I set a timer on my phone for one minute and then gently touched a nail. It was a teeny bit tacky but definitely didn't smear the color.

 Also, they dry so shiny, I didn't have to use a top coat for these swatches. They are categorized as "One Coat Formula," but I wasn't able to get a true one coater out of any. It may be the way I apply the polish because I don't like to do thick coats. Very close on some, though!

First up, we have Violet Dash. This is 2 coats, although it really wanted to be a one coater. The second coat was to even out the light spots from how I applied it. I just love this purple. The application was really great and didn't need cleanup at all.

Next, we have Rapid Cherry! This is definitely a bright cherry red and had a bit of jelly-ness to it. It covered completely in one coat but there was still visible nail line so I did a second coat. 

Fast Fuchsia is a gorgeous summer pink! My camera made it much brighter than it is so I had to adjust the photo to tone it back down. This also was 2 coats and no cleanup was required. I love it!

Hot Pink Frenzy is another pink in this collection, but its much more salmon pink. It is also the only one that has a shimmer to it instead of being a creme. This is another that was SO close to being a one coater. I love it!

Because it is hard to even compare two different swatch photos, I did a comparison with the 2 "pinks" so you could see how different they really are. 

Jiffy Orange is definitely orange! It's bright and fun for summer and I love it! 2 coats again on this one and no cleanup was needed.

Yellow Whiz was the problem child of this bunch. This was 3-4 coats to get rid of light spots. I find that is pretty common with yellows but it is still frustrating to do so many coats! It's awesomely bright and sunny if you want to deal with upwards of 4 coats. 

Those were the 6 colors that I said were great for summer! The other 2 colors in the collection are White On The Spot and Black Swift. Because it's not very exciting to see swatches of white and black, I decided to do comparison swatches instead. I compared both the white and black against 3 others in my collection to see which was most opaque in one coat:

The fingers are labeled. All are one coat. The Milani is definitely the most opaque! I am impressed! I usually despise wearing white for a base of nail art because its just a pain to apply and get even. I am so happy I have a good one coat white!!

The fingers are also labeled for this black comparison. All are one coat. Sinful Colors seemed to have been a tad bit more opaque but the formula was so much nicer on the Milani that I'd probably reach for that when I want black nails. The other two were harder to apply and had bald spots.

I have to admit, the only Milani polishes I had in my stash before these were some holographic ones and some glitters. I am so glad I was able to try out some of the nail colors because I was happily impressed! 

You can buy any of these from the Milani Cosmetics website here for $4.99 each or keep an eye out for any of your local stores that carry Milani. In my area, I have found Milani polishes at CVS as well as Target and some of our Walmarts. 

*These polishes were sent to me from PR to review with my honest opinion. For more information see my Disclosure Tab

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  1. Wow! I love pretty much all of them! Nice one, Milani! AND they dry fast with a shiny finish? OMG I need to tr that!

    Really nice swatches! Thanks!

  2. I love them all! And I really love the comparison posts at the end!

  3. These are all gorgeous, I'm gonna need these now lol.

  4. Such fun summer colors! Love them and can't wait to try them!

  5. As I scrolled down, I literally said to myself, "want, want, want..." Love Hot Pink Frenzy though, I will always have a weakness for corals and shimmer-cremes.

  6. I'm shocked by the opaqueness of the white and wow'd by the beauty of the yellow. Two colors I'd never imagine me liking from Miani!

  7. need Milani white in my life! Looks so good!

  8. Great post Jacki! They all look amazing!

  9. Fabulous swatches and comparisons! I want Rapid Cherry and the black and white. I need good blacks and whites! Thanks for swatching!

  10. These are lovely!!! I Like them all.

  11. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for these!

  12. These look amazing!
    Any chance you would know where I could get these on-line but with International shipping??

  13. The white and black comparisons are really useful. If I ever need a new white or black, I'll know to check out Milani's.