Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tronica and A-England Comparisons!

Hello readers!! I don't often do comparison posts but after seeing the 3 colors of China Glaze Tronica polishes I got the other day, I realized they were similar to my 3 A-Englands! Apparently I have a thing for teals, blues, and purples. Haha. As my friend Ashley from Ashley Is PolishAddicted pointed out, you wouldn't have possibly guessed that from my blog header or page colors.

China Glaze Hi Def, A-England Tristam, China Glaze Virtual Violet, A-England Lady Of The Lake, China Glaze Techno Teal, and A-England Saint George.

In the bottles, the only ones that seem very different are the 2 teals right? Well look at how different they all are on the nail!

First up we have China Glaze Hi Def and A-England Tristam:

Index and ring finger: 2 coats of ChG Hi Def, middle and pinky: 2 coats of A-E Tristam.

Look how light the China Glaze transfers onto the nail! I was shocked when putting that one on. It seems that the China Glaze got lighter than the bottle and the A-England may have even gotten darker. They both have scattered holographic particles as well. At least they look pretty together!

Next up we have China Glaze Virtual Violet and A-England Lady Of The Lake:

Index and ring finger: 2 coats of ChG Virtual Violet, middle and pinky: 2 coats of A-E Lady Of The Lake.

Again, the China Glaze is much lighter than the bottle! Seems like China Glaze got sneaky with these Tronicas. Both of these have a good amount of scattered holographic particles and were gorgeous to see in the sun!

Our last comparison. China Glaze Techno Teal and A-England Saint George(2 of my most recent favorites):

Index and ring finger: 2 coats of ChG Techno Teal, middle and pinky: 2 coats of A-E Saint George.

This one wasn't that big of a surprise but I really wanted to see them together. They are just so gorgeous!!

As for some more information on comparing: the A-Englands had a much better formula. They all wanted to be 1 coaters but St. George is the only one that could possibly be a one coater for me. The China Glazes definitely needed 2 coats and they had some dragging if you tried to go back over a wet spot. That being said, I am still so glad I have all of these in my collection. They are beautiful and I love the scattered holo added into these colors to give them that bit of extra "jazz."

If you are looking for these, the A-Englands can still be purchased from the Llarowe website or directly from  the A-England site. The China Glazes, however, will be harder for you to get your hands on. Ebay and blog sales will be your best bet for finding them. 

What do you think? Any other comparison posts you'd like to see? Thanks for reading!

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  1. I like the darker look of the A-Englands. It's just prettier to me. Not that the China Glazes are not pretty, because they are! :)

  2. Heheheh ;) Love the comparison! It's nice to know they are all different!

  3. I'm kicking myself for not getting more of the Tronica collection when it came out!

  4. Cool idea - I would have never thought about comparing the tronicas with the A-Englands. I love how different they turn out to be :)

  5. I do prefer the darker A-England ones but the china glaze polishes are equally as pretty. I'll just have to buy them all to solve this dilemma :P

  6. All of them are beautiful. I prefer A-England nail polishes, maybe because they are darker and I like them darker :-)
    Great comparison! :-)

  7. I love the A-Englands. Tristam is my favorite polish ever! Great comparisons!

  8. all these colors are simply stunning

  9. I love these types !
    This colors are so beautiful and attractive :)