Friday, October 19, 2012

Anyone Thirsty For Pink Lemonade?

Hello readers! I have a cute and simple nail art post for you today. I received Amy's Nail Boutique Pink Lemonade in a swap and decided to do some "pink lemonade" nail art!

I did a base color of Milani Yellow Whiz, waited for it to dry and applied my circle stickers. Painted a generous coat of Milani U Pinky Swear and then carefully peeled off the sticker. I did a coat of this Amy's Nail Boutique Pink Lemonade glitter over U Pinky Swear. For some added fun, I did some quick white lines to make my half moons into lemon slices.

I used:
Duri Rejuvacote
2 coats of Milani Yellow Whiz
1 coat of Milani U Pinky Swear
1 coat of Amy's Nail Boutique Pink Lemonade
Milani White on the spot with a striping brush
1 coat of Poshe

What do you think? Not very fall-ish, but pink lemonade is yummy all year round! Thanks for reading!

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  1. I am so thirsty now, and I have never had pink lemonade!
    I LOVE your mani so much!! I just might have to try it too!

  2. Jacki, this is such an adorable piece of work. Now I want a glass of Pink Lemonade for sure :)

  3. This is SO cute Jacki! Great work =]!

  4. this is very cute

  5. So cute these would be amazing in the summer!

    Jazz x

  6. Cute and refreshing mani...! ;-)

  7. this is do cute! perfect pink lemonade mani!

  8. This mani is so cute! I Love that you turned the half moons into slices! What a great idea :) xx