Saturday, October 6, 2012

Naild'it Saturday Swatch Spam!

Hello readers! I have 5 of the new Naild'it polishes to spam you with today! Get ready for a lot of pics! 4 are glitters and one is a flakey! They are: Snowman's Nightmare, Hocus Bogus, Blue Moon Shine, Candy Wrappers, and Just PurFlake.

Things are a little different with Naild'it now. Notice the pretty new labels! The names are labeled on the bottom of the bottle instead of the front label. Also, these aren't available on Etsy anymore. You can get them on Llarowe right now, and I've been told they will also be available at Overall Beauty and Mei Mei's Signatures.

Onto the polish! Let's start with Hocus Bogus! I was so excited when I put this polish on. STAR GLITTER! I didn't even have to dig for stars, I ended up wiping a few off the brush because I didn't want too many. I'm not usually a big fan of shaped glitters because they tend to stick up off of my rounded nails and poke me. However, with one good coat of top coat, I wasn't feeling sharp edges! YAY! Also, the colors of the glitters over black popped gorgeously! So vibrant, I love them! Pinks, purples, teals, blues. There are even teeny and medium black hexes that would be more noticeable if it wasn't layered over black. Shown below with 2 layers over Milani Black Swift, with top coat.

Look at the star! 

Next up, Candy Wrappers! This is a milky white base filled with different colored and sized glitters. Hexes as well as shards of random shaped glitters. Great for the name of the polish! This is only 2 coats to full coverage, which is awesome because of the white base! Shown with top coat.

 Onto Snowman's Nightmare. This name cracked me up! Just think of a melted snowman! This is a fun layering polish and is great for halloween! I got a little carried away getting big glitters out that this is 3 layers over Zoya Loredana. I think I'll do less layers next time. Black, white, orange, blue, and some light blue and purple "snowy" colored glitters. The big blue glitters are more sparse so I dug a few out with my brush so you could see. Shown with top coat.

And for the last glitter: Blue Moon Shine. Another great name! I decided to layer this over Milani Fresh Teal. I loved the color glitters in this polish, and the blue hexes are crazy holo! I wish my lightbox would show that, but just take my word for it. I had to shade the bottle with my hand to be able to see the other colored glitters when it came in the mail. Blues, teals, and purple hexes. The bigger purple hexes seems to be slightly curling, but the top coat smoothed out any poking glitters. This is 2 coats with top coat.

Ready for the flakies? This is Just PurFlake! Purple and blue shimmer with iridescent flakies! It doesn't look like much in the bottle, and it's pretty sheer if worn on it's own. But over black, it's really pretty!  It's shown below as one coat over Milani Black Swift, with top coat.

Pretty colored flakies!

Well, there you have them! What do you think? Which are your favorites? I think Hocus Bogus is my favorite, but I love them all! 

Naild'it polishes can currently be purchased for $11 each on Llarowe here:

Thanks for reading!

*Polishes were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.

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  1. Having a little bit of a melt down here, They are absolutely GORGEOUS! OMG! I need them in my lifeee!

    Jazz x

  2. ooooo - lots of awesome! i really like the snowman one!!

  3. soooo pretty :))))))))
    p.s. i gave you a shoutout on my blog :)


  4. Gorgeous Jacki as always and thanks so much for the shout out!

  5. Uuuh I love Snowman's Nightmare! Funny and pretty!

  6. Hocus Bogus is my favorite too! You and I love all the same colors I think!

  7. These are all gorgeous! My favorite is Snowman's Nightmare, but I really love the rest as well.

  8. oh WOW for Purflake ! very original. Also loving your teal and blue combo - perfect layering xx

  9. Ooooo Candy Wrappers is my fave x