Sunday, October 28, 2012

MORE Shimmer Polish Swatches!

Good morning, readers! Cindy from Shimmer Polish recently sent me an epic package with 17 more glitters to share with you! This is a spam post of 9 of them! Hope you enjoy!

Adrienne is a mixture of blue and gold glitters! There seems to be a tiny bit of other colored glitters thrown in as well! This is 3 coats on it's own, with one coat of Shimmer Glass top coat.

Brooklyn is next! It's mainly teal and bigger gold glitters, with smaller blue and purple glitters mixed in! I loved this one on so much more than I expected! It is more complex than my first look at the bottle and it's a really gorgeous color combo! Shown as 3 coats on it's own with one coat of Shimmer Glass top coat.

Onto Cristina. She's described as a "deep forest green with a hint of red and fuchsia." This is a little different than most Shimmer polishes because its mostly small glitters of the same size. This is 3 coats with one coat of Shimmer Glass top coat.

Erica is described as "crystal peridot glitter." This is such a pretty combination of colored glitters and I love it! It would look great over a green base! Shown below as 3 coats alone with one coat of Shimmer Glass top coat.

Julia makes me think of Cinderella's dress. Icy blue with holo glitter mixed in, so pretty! Shown as three coats alone with one coat of Shimmer Glass top coat. Another favorite of mine!

Kim is one of my favorites of this bunch! It's a gorgeous mix of blue and purple glitter! Shown as three coats alone with one coat of Shimmer Glass top coat.


Leslie is similar to Kim, but it has a more periwinkle tone with the lavender glitters instead of the deeper purples in Kim. This one was less dense than the others in this group. Three coats alone with one coat of Shimmer Glass top coat.

Strength is a charity polish and donations are made from each purchase to support PCOS. It's a gorgeous teal and silver glitter with big silver hearts mixed in. The silver hearts are the thickest heart glitter I have come across and therefore stick off the nail much more than I'm used to. This is the most dense of the set, shown below as only 2 coats with one coat of Shimmer Glass top coat over.

Lastly, we have Taylor. This is an interesting combo. It's a reddish purple tinted jelly base with greens, reds, blacks, and blurple colored small glitters. Shown with 3 coats and one coat of Shimmer Glass top coat.

What do you think of these 9 Shimmers? Which are your favorites and least favorites? If you've missed them, here are my other posts on Shimmer polishes:

I have 8 more Shimmers to show you soon so keep an eye out for those!

Each bottle retails for $12 and you can even order a custom polish for $15! You can find that listing HERE in Cindy's Etsy Shop.

For more info and purchasing, here are Cindy's Shimmer Polish Contacts:

Shimmer Polish Blog:

Thank you for reading!

*These polishes were sent for me to review with my honest opinion.

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  1. Beautiful job on all your awathes!! Don't you just love Shimmer Polish? I love them! :)

  2. Wow, those are all very beautiful glitter polishes. I especially like the first one.

  3. Holy crap I love them all! Talk about stunning glitterbombs!

  4. Thank you for the wonderful reviews! <3 it!

  5. I love all of them! They look so festive. Perfect for X'mas IMO.

  6. Amazing swatches, as usual. Added a bunch to my Wishlist.

  7. They're all so gorgeous I can't even pick a favorite!!